Dirty Little T-Shirt

Dirty Little T-Shirt

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Being a part of the Dirty Little T-Shirt experience is like riding through the mist of avalon with Rick James and Prince with a bunch of good-to-go hotties.


Even thought DLT just went live on myspace on Oct.16th, they have already amassed over 10,000 listens in less than two weeks. A true testament to the strength of their music.
Group members Alton, Mike, and Chad formed DLT in the summer of 2007. Basically, they just wanted to hear a certain type of music that nobody was making. ThA MiKe! is the emcee, Chad the producer, and Alton the singer, but the roles in DLT are interchangalbe as all group members are multitalented. DLT is not just the name of the band, its a lifestyle, a lifestyle that represents freedom, individuality, and just not giving a fuck!


Explode, Animal both from the upcoming self titled debut Dirty Little T-Shirt

Set List

Esperanza Spaulding, Interview, Animal, Watching You, Chase her/Replace her, Rocket Man, Are You Out There?, Price on Love, Explode