Dirty Lowdowns

Dirty Lowdowns


Blazing guitar rock blowin' minds and burnin' hair since 1999.


Formed by Jerud Moyer (gtr/vox) and Jeff Spane (bass), Dirty Lowdowns have been a Portland hard rock mainstay for over five years. Rounded out by Doug Naish (drums), and Mike Teal (lead gtr), the band has played throughout the northwest from the club level to 2004’s KUFO Rockfest (Korn, Disturbed) with an attendance of over 10,000. 2006 brings in the release of their third album “Powerstripper”, a high octane slice of Portland power rock. All veterans of the Portland, Oregon rock scene, these guys have risen to the top of their craft to deliver the goods and are now poised to take the nation by storm


U.S. of A (1999)
Edge of Disaster (2002)
Powerstripper (2006)