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While listening to Dirty Orange Sun EP from Dirty Orange Sun the first think that popped into my head was, "these guys sound like they would put on a great live show." Dirty Orange Sun definitely sounds like they know how to keep a crowd entertained. Other than how I think they would sound live, their EP itself had me thinking of Soundgarden almost immediately and sure enough Soundgarden was their top influence, meaning these guys know what type of music they want to play and hit the nail right on the head. When a band can emulate one of their biggest influences, you know they're going to have fun with it.

The EP itself is a great listen. The first track "Brother" starts off with a crescendo of screams that don't reach your ear until the guitars are ready to burst forth with all of the energy of a good old fashioned rock band. After a simplistic chord progression, Ken's vocals come into play in a raspy onslaught, sounding much like Brett Hestla from Dark New Day in one of his less-melodic songs. After that is "Burn the First" which starts off a bit softer than "Brother." Once again, when the vocals come into play, I'm reminded of another singer. Ken sounds almost identical to Brent Smith from Shinedown. The entire album makes me nostalgic, thinking of bands of old like Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains which is really refreshing to hear in today's scene.

I feel that overall, though the instrumental portion of the album doesn't provide much originality, the album itself is put together well and will have you thinking back to your grunge-rock days in the 90's. Their vocalst shows great potential for mainstream sound and popularity. Any hard-rocker would find themselves fortunate to have stumbled across this EP.

-John Berry, Editorial Reviewer, Music Emissions

- Music Emissions


Dirty Orange Sun EP 2008



Formed in Late 2006, the San Francisco trio Dirty Orange Sun(DOS) have created a hybrid of grunge, punk, and metal to create a sonic force that has given the Norcal music scene a swift kick in the arse. Dirty Orange Sun’s diverse upbringing have allowed them to create a fresh sound that bridges the gap between the underground and mainstream, with members Ken Deedigan(guitars/vocals), Zibbie Nwokah(bass), and Eric Hyman(drums) each hailing from a different continent. Their explosive live sets are a spectacle every rock fan should experience. Their first self-titled EP was released in the beginning of 2008. DOS continue to gig in support of their debut release while building a strong fan base in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.