Dirty Orange Sun

Dirty Orange Sun


Hybrid of Metal/Grunge/Rock with overtones of early nineties rock. A combination of both underground and mainstream sounds.


Formed in Late 2006, the San Francisco trio Dirty Orange Sun(DOS) have created a hybrid of grunge, punk, and metal to create a sonic force that has given the Norcal music scene a swift kick in the arse. Dirty Orange Sun’s diverse upbringing have allowed them to create a fresh sound that bridges the gap between the underground and mainstream, with members Ken Deedigan(guitars/vocals), Zibbie Nwokah(bass), and Eric Hyman(drums) each hailing from a different continent. Their explosive live sets are a spectacle every rock fan should experience. Their first self-titled EP was released in the beginning of 2008. DOS continue to gig in support of their debut release while building a strong fan base in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.


Dirty Orange Sun EP 2008

Set List

Set length 35 Min.
Over an hour of material available.