Dirty Perfect

Dirty Perfect


Rock, pop, tunes like Nirvana playing Beachboys tunes.


Dirty Perfect are a band of four gathered together from Australia, the US and Wales. Their bass player Shawn Day was born and raised in Wyoming. While working on a building site he found a "bass player wanted" advert on the internet, applied and promptly flew to the UK from which he was immediately deported. He returned as soon as possible and completed the band line up. The rest of them come from places but it's not as exciting.

The band play rock riffs with pop tunes like Nirvana playing Beachboys tracks.


Dirty Perfect EP, Fuzzbox Records. November 2005. Quarterback Hairdo single. Soundfoundation / Polydor. February 2006.

Both releases had a lot of Radio 1 airplay in the UK and made it on to KCRW in LA. There was a lot of play on specialit stations and online.