Dirty Pictures

Dirty Pictures


Songs that tell it like it is, tongue planted firmly in cheek. Stripping back the veneer of Tinsel Town’s underbelly, offering a hint of what its like to grow up in the shadow of the Hollywood Sign. Guitar hooks, solid beats, & engaging melodies, showcase diverse styles that are simply Rock N Roll.


Dirty Pictures is an L.A.-based Five piece band that invokes the irreverent spirit of party rock, with a distinct Hollywood flavor. Founded in 1996 by Art Director and Hollywood native Drew Blood, Dirty Pictures began as a musical outlet for a group of friends who each maintain creative positions in the entertainment industry.
Dirty Pictures provided it’s members an excuse to get out and play two or three times a month. Their group of friends needed no excuse to show up, hang out and dance to a diverse selection of cover tunes. A typical set juxtaposed Blues standards, Soul classics with Rock 'n Roll gems spanning four decades. They swiftly acquired the ability to engage any audience, with their tight musicianship and polished vocal harmonies, insuring limited space on the dance floor. What started as a casual diversion evolved into an original brand of “PlayfuL, yet provocative Rock N’ Roll.”
Their self titled EP, "Dirty Pictures", provided evidence that this group definitely has the ability to move beyond the status of "Cover Band." This original material captured the essence of Dirty Pictures - storytelling with a groove, supported by clever lyrics, living in sin with a rock solid beat.
The positive response generated by the EP, encouraged the band to write and record additional songs for a release through Pascal Records. Drawing from personal experience, HOLLYWOOD HIGH is a fitting title for this debut CD, one that could have only be conceived in the shadow of the Hollywood sign.
Dirty Pictures' lineup has consisted of Drew Blood (lead vocals, harmonica, guitar), Johnny Underpants (bass, vocals) and Paul E. Tone (guitar, vocals). Recently, house rocking keyboardist Dave “Miami” Bryce (Keyboards, vocals) a 13 year veteran of the Boston Music scene and former Georgia Satellites' member Nicky Toostix (drums, vocals) have both joined to complete the line-up.
Dirty Pictures believes in equal opportunity rock & roll: chicks love it and dudes get it. With the fun factor cranked up to eleven, it’s easy to see - ain’t nothing wrong with this picture.


Less of a Loser

Written By: Cobb/Kramer

My momma told me yesterday
said get a job lifes wasting away
Get off the couch turn off the TV set
I didnt hear her
never listen to a word she says now
Theres something about me
that she just doesnt get

I may be a loser
Yeah, Im kind of a loser baby
A bit of a loser
But Im less of a loser than you

I take the bus to grandmas house
cause I aint got no car
Free lunch and I raid her purse
while she works out in the yard
Whats the the point of workin
who wants to get up everyday
Wanna stay up and party
respect the slacker way

Dont talk about my future,
Dont ask about my past
Unless youre buying a round of drinks now, yeah
You can all just kiss my ass, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

My Dad he told me yesterday
said get a job start savin your pay
But all I want to do is score some beer
You were hanging in the parking lot
youre a stoner freak but your girlfriends hot
dont turn your back or well both disappear

Different Kinda Tickle

Written By: Cobb/Kramer

Lyrics for "Different Kinda Tickle"
When I was a just youngn, about the time to rise
I lay under the covers feelin solid tween my thighs
One day I tried to pull it, so mama wouldnt see
Right then an odd sensation that felt so nice to me

It was a different kind a tickle
I felt so warm inside
It was a different kind a tickle
I want to do this all the time

I had a little teepee that was held-up by my peepee
mama told me not to touch or Id go blind
Described a living hell, with hairy palms as well
As long as I was live Id wanna chase a honey well


Time would surely tell, about a certain smell
That was gonna drive me out of my mind
Id rather use my charm then exercise my arm
Let me show you something baby
I wont do you any harm

(Alt Chorus)
It's a different kind a tickle
You'll feel so warm inside
It's a different kind a tickle
C'mon lets do this all the time!

Hollywood high

Written By: Cobb/Sena

Born in the shadow of the Hollywood sign
The kids are growing up, way before their time
Cell phone junkies and social butterflies
Every nights a party when you’re young
and getting high
Nobody minds, it’s just Hollywood

She started sex too early now she’s only into kink
90210 - a Beemer for her sixteenth
Daddy’s on location mommy’s having an affair
Credit cards and therapy instead of being there
She don’t mind, its just Hollywood life

Don’t be fooled by all the hype
Don’t be blinded by the bright lights
Nobody’s happy just to get by
Hooked on a Hollywood high
Reach for the pie in the sky

He started as a gopher in a major studio
Working from the bottom up and lying as he goes
He’s pitching a script that’ll never get a start
But he’s telling every girl
that they’re perfect for the part
They don’t mind, it’s just a Hollywood lie

reach for the pie down in...
(Tinsel town) – Where ego is an art
(Tinsel town) – You’ve got to act the part
(Tinsel town) – Make a million every day
(Tinsel town) – But never tip the valet!
You can’t spell flake without L.A.

Don’t be fooled by all the hype
Don’t be blinded by the bright lights
Nobody’s happy just to get by
Hooked on a Hollywood high
Reach for the pie in the sky
Never too rich, thin, or high
Can’t kick a Hollywood High
Love Ya! Mean it!


Last Exit Palmdale, EP 2003 - Hollywood High LP 2006