Dirty Poets

Dirty Poets


Dirty Poets is a high-energy band who pride themselves on consistently delivering striking performances while maintaining a sense of individuality in their highly original music.


Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Dirty Poets have released a debut CD containing fourteen original tracks and will be promoting the album heavily in early 2007. The album combines all of the bands influences into a highly original mix of rock, folk, and a hint of old school country. Each musician's unique influences cover a wide range of artistic tastes and styles; finger style guitar, jazzy viola and beatles inspired vocal harmonies have become most prominently evident in Dirty Poets music. The band's influences are drawn from the work of The Band, Tom Petty, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash and others in the singer songwriter vein. Since a majority of the band comes from a hard rock background, this flavor often finds its way into the finished songs. The band owes as much of its influence to Bob Dylan and Neil Young as to AC/DC and Pink Floyd, as well as a few heavier acts. Blend these rock and blues garage band sensibilities with 8 years of combined formal classical training and you have the essence of the Dirty Poets sound. Dirty Poets are quickly gaining recognition as one of Halifax�s newest upcoming acts, having recently been included in Dalhousie University�s guitar concert series at Ondaatje Hall. The band plans to tour extensively beginning in mid spring 2007 continuing throughout the summer in support of the self-titled debut album.


Dirty Poets - Self-Titled CD - Released January 2007

Set List

Set lists consist of almost all original material. Covers include Pink Floyd, The Band, Bob Dylan, The Beatles.