Dirty Pretty

Dirty Pretty


Tired of the shit on the radio? We've got a classic rock feel...bare bones, rock. It's kinda dirty and pretty, describing our sound. Lead vocalist can transition between a Janis Joplin roar to a soft purr, all in the same song!!! Kick ass female bass player and a drummer who inspires the muse...


Simply rock. If we could describe it as any other genre it would be dirty-pretty. We are influenced by the late greats and all the musicians that have taken great risks and not followed the trends- we create our own path. After working with other bands, our paths finally met and we fully realized that our visions were the same. We don't want over produced, pitch corrected songs. We want to get to the essence of rock that allows for pure expression that has not been digitalized or forced. It's all about the true sound of the instrument; vocals or otherwise.


Currently, we have music playing on myspace.com/dirtyprettyband. Our EP is soon to be released.

Set List

Two, one hour sets: One or two covers, including Janis Joplin and Joan Jett.
1st hour:
Can't Say Yes
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Baby Don't Go
Shake It Up
My Little Secret
Palm of Your Hand
Round and Round
Sweet Nothings
(cover) Bobby McGee
2nd hour:
Bad Intentions
Pretty Damn Tragic
Follow Through
Workin' It
Sweet Kisses
Black and Blue
Fields of Corn
(cover) Crimson and Clover