Dirty Ramirez

Dirty Ramirez


Dirty Ramirez does the dirty work to bend your mind in a new cool way: All original, trippy, post alt-rock band with a funky groove.


The Dirty is an all-original, mostly instrumental, alt-progressive funkrock band that has many influences including jazz, progressive, atmospheric electronic, rock, and dance music.

***For booking, Contact David 262-997-0898 or Stevo 224-717-9781


Currently working on our first 5 song EP. Expected completion by July.

Set List

At this time, our set consists of 11 songs and runs approximately 90 minutes.
Original Song titles and descriptions are as follows;
"Down to B", an anthemic, acid groove jam
"Gurgle", a layered melodic dream sequence
"New Mantra", a driving, hard rock road trip
"G Capo", a latin-inspired, rocker
"Application", a hard-edged groove tune
"Mood Swamp", our eerie, dreamscape groove jam
"Country Sponge", if the country were splashed with colors and textures, this is what it would sound like
"Felix' Theme", a post-prog-rock jam inspired by a very catchy bass riff
"Said You Know", David's acid rock musings on the nature of truth
"Luster", Indian/Moroccan melodies on heavy guitar reminiscent of Zeppelin
"Whoops I Died", Stevo's ballad and appreciation of life in the deepest sense of the groove

We also have a handful of covers that we alternate within our set.
Covers include The Dirty's interpretations of: Hollaback Girl (Gwen Stefani), Push it (SaltnPepa) and Du Has