Dirty Rotten Shame

Dirty Rotten Shame


With 2 sexy women up front, many people might mistake Dirty Rotten Shame for just another "chick band". You'd be wrong. This band plays hard-edged, guitar-driven original rock tempered only by their smart and, at times, haunting melodies. This band is an absolute original.


Dirty Rotten Shame was formed in 2004 by Lisa Rahon and Lauren Hamlin. Lisa, a veteran of the Boston music scene, and Lauren, a veteran of the New Orleans music scene, hit it off immediately. Before long, the collaboration paid off, and the writing began. After some personnel changes, and Hurricane Katrina, the current lineup came together, and is a perfect balance. David Jennings and Will Young are both New Orleans natives and round out this band's musical persona. The band recently contributed 2 songs to the soundtrack of Maverick's recent independent film, "Love and Suicide". The 2 songs (Tell Me and Drown), are perhaps the 2 most haunting on the soundtrack. DRS will also be featured as a showcase band at this year's Cutting Edge Music Business Conference on August 26th at Tucker's in their hometown of New Orleans. Dirty Rotten Shame is starting to create quite a stir on New Orleans' rock scene and with good reason. Their arrangements are complex and their melodies are infectious. DRS has a way of keeping an audience on the edge of their seats, and their stage presence is riveting. Keep an eye and ear out for this band--DRS is changing the face of the rock scene in Orleans, and you're gonna want to be a part of it.



Written By: Lisa Rahon

Last night, I had the strangest dream
There was a door behined
the cigarette machine.
And you...high on amphetamine
Just sat there so serine
Like from a movie scene

I can hold my breath, you can weigh me down, you can help me breathe..
or let me Drown.

And when you hear him say your name
It's like a rain to you, that same old ball and chain
Too bad you've got me in your vains
I don't believe the claims that you don't feel the same

I can't hold my breath you can weigh me down
You can help me breathe
Or let me drown

And when out on the city street
You're such a pretty thing, envied and incomplete
Tonight a storm is threatening a real electric thing, will be the end of me

I can hold my breath, you can weigh me down, you can help me breathe
Or let me drown


DRS contributed 2 songs to the soundtrack of Maverick's movie "Love and Suicide", recorded at the Jimmy Ford Clinic in New Orleans. Both the DVD and the soundtrack are available at Best Buy, Blockbuster and through Amazon.
DRS was a showcased artist at the 2007 Cutting Edge Music Conference.

Set List

Swallow, Fat, Breeder, Drown, Tell Me, Susan Smith, Vassar Girl, Tainted Love, Are You Ready?, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Black Betty, Planet Clare, Psychotherapy, Sympathy For the Devil, Victory, River, Ray of Light, Die, Naked, Bloodletting