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The best kept secret in music


The Dirty South Ravers are a collective of VJs and DJs from San Antonio featuring strong beats and a wild arrive of live video mixing. Look for an amazing set from this crew, they are one of the most exciting live acts in Texas!
- Fun Fun Fun Fest

The tide finally began to turn late in the set of San Antonio's Dirty South Ravers, two DJs wearing what looked like 22nd-century Ghostbusters suits, with vaguely military armor and massive, mysterious plastic backpacks. Attended by less than ten people at first, curious concertgoers began to migrate to the tent, perhaps attracted by the assertive, unpretentious electronica mastered by the pair. Within minutes the tent is completely filled with a dancing, throbbing crowd of dozens, as it would be for the rest of the night. - Patrick Caldwell


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


the Dirty South Ravers were officially born in the fall of 2004. But their roots lay a little further back in time. It all got started before the planes hit the towers. Jason [VJ/DJ Protohippy] and Mark [VJ/DJ +10hp] would spend a lot of time smokin and playin with their pc's and rockin the electro. Endless conversations revolved around computer generated music and art, virtual environments and real world immersive environments. Total star trek shit! They'd game out while listening to each others mixes. Both dreamed of creating sensory experiences as opposed to just another song or video. Many plans were made and ideas explored, but life interrupted and the two were split apart and lost touch.

While Mark spent time tattooing and scratching and toy making, Jay began acquiring and utilizing his first video projector. Soon he was finding software that would let him create the images he and Mark envisioned. Being a DJ, he naturally had an audience for his CG art, bringing his projectors to underground parties. That's where after two and half years the two ran back into each other. They freaked out and got back together as if it was only a weekend apart. Things moved fast from there. Two projectors became three, then five as they worked their way from party to party. Some nights they would have to split up and do two parties on the same night, often running back and forth between them to DJ a set and then take over on video again.

This had three major side effects, 1. They learned to maximize the effect they could have on each party, 2. They made twice as much $$$ those nights, and 3. They spent that $$$ on more and more and even MORE gear. Until they had so much their puny consumer grade automobiles could no longer bring them to events. Now they've put ALL of it together to wage an all out assault on the senses.

The Dirty South Ravers combine kickass dance beats with real time computer generated art, live video footage and clips pulled from pop media sources to create breathtaking audio/visual displays. Whether performing their own music or with another DJ, they employ many different techniques to immerse their audience in a sensory environment that blows people away. With multi screen projections, props, costumes and FX, their shows are not to be missed.

Over the past few years, the DSR boys have become a force to recon with. With top notch visuals and creative eyes for the environment they performed in, they stunned both crowd and DJ alike. Having worked with Artists such as AK1200, Dieselboy, Keoki, DJ Micro, RHV, 4 Strings, Mea, Brian Cox, David Garcia, Vicious Vic, Deep Sky, Dara, Steve Smooth, Eric Ross, Ron-E, Reid Speed, Suzy Solar, Venom, Exodus, Paul Anthony, Kid Icarus, Jabwai, plus hip hop artists CapaDonna and U-god from Wu-Tang Clan, Prefuse73 and alt-rockers Scotty Karate, Whitey, and Quintron&MissPussycat... and many, many more!!!!

In the past they have held weekly residencies at several San Antonio spots as well a monthly residence at controversial Afterlife in Dallas Texas and Austin's Enchanted Forest & J Loraine Ranch. Currently they are monthly residents at Atomix in San Antonio, Texas.