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The Dirty Suits


Band Americana Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"La City Zine"

"Sporting their Reservoir Dogs vibe, the foursome held forth on the virtues of dogs and women in a style that borrowed from the Stray Cats and Dylan "
- - Patrick Stefurak

"Velvet Guerilla Cabaret"

And man o man o (wo)man! The spirit of collaboration was jigglin’ the UnUrban molecules, as newcomers Jamie (a dude) went a’ strummin’ the ole guitar stick jobby-thingy and Emily commenced divinity on violin, lifting us up to the clouds with a rendition of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues… Mmmmmmmmmm Johnny Cash… (VGC Helpful Hint #1: Come and play Johnny Cash - and do it well - and you’ll own the UnUrban… and my heart). Seriously, it was awesome to see two newcomers who didn’t know each other suddenly come together and perform so beautifully. - Michael S


"Ready For Trouble" EP CD.
-released on SUMA Records, 2006.
available on iTunes and CD.

"Rosetta Stone" 2 Disc CD.
-released on Renouncer Records, 2009
available on iTunes and CD.

"The Dirty/Martini" Split 10" Vinyl.
-self released on Sol Rising Records, New Years eve 2010. available on iTunes and Vinyl.

"Astro Motel" Single CD.
-self released on Sol Rising Record, July 30th, 2010.
available on iTunes and CD.



The Dirty Suits got their name because they were comprised of a cast of characters who would come straight out of their office jobs and into the bar room stage.
"We didn't have time to change, we'd be so desperate to start playing," says Jaime.
Jeremy remembered one morning when he woke up after an all night jam session in his suit, and then got up and went straight to work.
"I kept showing up in these rumpled dirty suits to my job, looking like I was hung over, then I'd pound some coffee or some carrot juice and get on with it. It was pretty funny."
The band got their start playing in Marshaune Mack's garage in South Central. Sometimes being drowned out by the sounds of helicopters and ice cream trucks.
"We bumped into the multi talented Elisa Suarez in Venice, a block from the beach playing zeppelin songs on her guitar, turned out Drumming was her forte though," said Jaime.
"I'm your girl if you need a drummer," she laughed. Elisa, it should be noted, also is a structural engineer from Notre Dame. So be wary when challenging this gal to a game of beer pong.
"We'd known Christopher Alice for a few years, he's an actor from Sweden who used to come out to shows while he was attending American Academy of Dramatic Arts," says Jeremy. "We asked him to join on lead guitar duties around the same time as Elisa was stepping in."
So with Jaime and Jeremy sharing songwriting and vocal duties, Jaime strumming rhythm guitar and Jeremy playing bass, these Kerouac reincarnates are recreating the assembly line approach to songwriting week after week busting out several songs for their pleasure and hopefully yours too.
The Dirty Suits are looking forward to touring the world playing the music they love. It's only a matter of time before they make it happen.