Chicago, Illinois, USA

straight up rock-n-roll 50's style with a punk attitude all wrapped up in a counrty blanket..


Dirtyswitch is a four piece rock combo,from the south side of Chicago.We all basically share the same influences(beatles, kim deal, jeff tweedy, fats domino, van morrison, everly brothers, prince, billy corgan,black francis,otis redding).We started playing out locally in 2000,and branched out to the north side in 2002.We put out our first e.p. in 2003 & have recorded more e.p.'s since then.Our philosophy is to utilize the basic tools of our trade.We use no effects besides the distortion on our amps.A lot of bands claim to be punk or lo-fi,while at the same time carrying fifteen effect pedals to each show.In this time of fake tough guys,borrowed attitudes&over-production,we are straight-ahead rock&roll.HAIL!HAIL!ROCK&ROLL!


martyr hill

Written By: dirtyswitch(hector moreno)

wake up its time to go,its time to go to pensacola this time ill act like you.your body guard can't save you no,he can't even save himself. look up and you'll see me,ill be the last thing you ever see this time ill act like you. if there's a hell ill take you there your home went out the window there ill show no empathy no one will act like you


Written By: dirtyswitch(hector moreno)

im canvassing the neighborhood i try but i can do no good im trying hard to be the most level headed little ghost you can't go far because i will find you and its me beneath your window and when your home at sleep at night im here cursing the twilight im trying hard to be the most level headed little ghost you can't go far because i will find you and its me beneath your window even the holy ghost can never be what you are to me sometimes you can see things in the dark that you cannot see in the light be afraid of the night

walk and growl

Written By: dirtyswitch(hector moreno)

focus on the way it loops it always comes back to justice four lonely winds headed to nowhere,who are we? ordained memories shamans search for the way it loops i only believe in what i can see its always,and it always will be who is there? and i forgive,all alone 2 4 6 8 and i forget all the love all the seas swell and feel the way i've always felt id love to be there but i won't always feel the way ive always been i'd love to be energy who are we? just wait and see


Written By: dirtyswitch(hector moreno)

watch your smoke johnny,johnny watch your smoke too brave for your own good,johnny watch your smoke can't go in now,so ill stay out and glide around with pony and take my time feeling unhinged always.looking over my shoulder don't know where ill go,soill glide around with pony and take my time hope my life was as good to you as gold hope my feelings were good to you as gold

leather jacket

Written By: dirtyswitch(hector moreno)

tina is a drag queen she looks like everything too hollow to know the way,to follow its all the same shes got the way to make you hollow,hollow is all the rage..yeah shes got everything you all love,hollow is all the rage tina is a drag queen with jojo and mr. clean she goes out she comes real quick shes round the corner pulling tricks shes got the way to make you hollow harlem hasn't seen nothing yet tina is a drag queen she does and she walks and she crawls away i won't give in to anything that will lead to a motherfucking heart who else can it be you know that nothings for free tina is a drag queen


DirtySwitcH self titled ep 2003 1.dirty 2.walk and growl 3.your fellow days 4.big loving man 5.shue 6.leather jacket 5613 Claude unreleased 13 song lp 2006-2007 Home ep 2009 1.martyr hill 2.canvass(bound) 3.colour of night 4.rockaway place 5.brownie on the 12 6.shady dealings 7.gracie 8.light sleep and a new ep out this august