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Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Band Rock Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"MIDWEST RUMBLINGS Regional Demo Reviews from Bubbling Under Artists"


Dirtyswitch is an edgy, funky band from Chicago. Their influences range from The Beatles to Fats Domino to The Everly Brothers.
Dirtyswitch’s six-song EP graced my box this month and I have to admit I was impressed by their originality.
Their songs are upbeat and hip, with that rough ‘garage band’ edge. Hec Moreno’s vocals possess a comical blend of rasp, blues and swank. (You really just have to hear it…) The best song on the EP is “Leather Jacket”, an infectious track about a drag queen. Yes. A drag queen. Enough said.
Check them out live in Chicago. To hear their eclectic sound and nab some visuals of this funky foursome, visit their website at: www.dirtyswitch.com
RATING: 3 Stars - Midwest BEAT Magazine by Corine Jurgerson


These guys rock, good and crazy, and, most importantly, have a lot of fun doing it. I liked the old school touch of a song called, "Time to Say Goodnight, Gracie" and...and... Okay, okay. I realize I'm the Worst Music Critic on the Planet, so maybe I'll go back to the one-term reviews:
Stoney Surf.
Oh, and there's a pic of "Spy vs. Spy" on their site... Ahem.
Stoney Surf.
http://www.myspace.com/dirtyswitch - Daily Limerick by Sloop Biederman


DirtySwitcH self titled ep 2003 1.dirty 2.walk and growl 3.your fellow days 4.big loving man 5.shue 6.leather jacket 5613 Claude unreleased 13 song lp 2006-2007 Home ep 2009 1.martyr hill 2.canvass(bound) 3.colour of night 4.rockaway place 5.brownie on the 12 6.shady dealings 7.gracie 8.light sleep and a new ep out this august



Dirtyswitch is a four piece rock combo,from the south side of Chicago.We all basically share the same influences(beatles, kim deal, jeff tweedy, fats domino, van morrison, everly brothers, prince, billy corgan,black francis,otis redding).We started playing out locally in 2000,and branched out to the north side in 2002.We put out our first e.p. in 2003 & have recorded more e.p.'s since then.Our philosophy is to utilize the basic tools of our trade.We use no effects besides the distortion on our amps.A lot of bands claim to be punk or lo-fi,while at the same time carrying fifteen effect pedals to each show.In this time of fake tough guys,borrowed attitudes&over-production,we are straight-ahead rock&roll.HAIL!HAIL!ROCK&ROLL!