Dirty Uncle Bob

Dirty Uncle Bob



Drummer Waylon Wilson and Bassist Kerry Phillips have been laying down a rhythm section together for the better part of ten years. Four years ago they were joined by guitarist Travis Tyson to form Dirty Uncle Bob. DUB is a Blues/Rock band with a heavy edge that also incorporates it's southern rock roots into their blues driven originals . Two of the group's main influences are Cream and the Allman Brothers Band, which contributes to DUB's original sound. Two years ago the trio added a second guitarist, GSU student Jared Tomlinson, to add more of a dual guitar attack. Even though the band's influences are deeply entrenched in British invasion and southern rock era bands, they keep their playlists balanced with more current groups such as Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.(Clyde Bradley of the E11eventh Hour)

Set List

Blue Sky Allman Brothers Band
Statesboro Blues Allman Brothers Band
Southbound Allman Brothers Band
Dreams Allman Brothers Band
Soulshine Allman Brothers Band
Mountain Jam Allman Brothers Band
Melissa Allman Brothers Band
Elizabeth Reed Allman Brothers Band
Stormy Monday Allman Brothers Band
Sinkhole Drive by Truckers
Never Gonna Change Drive by Truckers
Where the Devil don’t Stay Drive by Truckers
Goddamn Lonely Love Drive by Truckers
Cold Shot Stevie Ray Vaughn
Texas Flood Stevie Ray Vaughn
Tight Rope Stevie Ray Vaughn
Lenny Stevie Ray Vaughn
Sunshine of your love Cream
Born Under a Bad sign Cream
White Room Cream
Alive Pearl Jam
Yellow Ledbetter Pearl Jam
Dissident Pearl Jam
Thorazine Shuffle Govt. Mule
She Said Govt. Mule
What is and should never be Led Zepplin
The Ocean Led Zepplin
Tangerine Led Zepplin
Preaching Blues Derek