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"The Deli Presents: Dirty Virgins"

The Dirty Virgins crew hit the stage blasting their garage punk with the urgency of the Kinks in their early era. They mixed in surf guitars and cow-poke rock-a-billy for good measure and showed that you can have loads of fun and be utterly entertaining by bashing the crap out of your instruments and playing just three-chords. The fact that they brought their own hot-pants and high-heels groupies to dance incessantly through their set showed that Dirty Virgins have clearly found the recipe for a party. Their we-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude was the perfect close to a night of great music. - The Deli Magaine, New England

"Class of 2012: Boston's 12 Best New Bands"

That loud, nasty racket emanating from the basements of Allston Rat City — drowning out the bro parades and girl-on-girl catfights on Harvard Ave — comes from the fucked-up cohesion of Dirty Virgins. July's slap-happy Whiskey Dick EP was nothing short of a drunken barefoot romp through garage rock's seedier bluesy impulses, originally recorded on tape with a four-track and vintage reverb unit at Allston's Haunted Casino. That analogue hiss you hear before each song — especially on the last-call-stumble splendor of "I Like You" — is downright seductive. Just as likely to get kicked out of a city as to be embraced by one, Dirty Virgins' rootsy DIY slop-rock might never define Boston, but it certainly feels like home. - The Boston Phoenix

"MP3 of the Week: Dirty Virgins "I Like You""

The artwork for DIRTY VIRGINS’ self-released Whiskey Dick EP is an eyecatcher. Not because of the pale, female, thonged ass yawning for attention (the “y” in “Dirty” traces a whale tail!) but because of the old fat dude caught staring it at. Clutching a light beer and boasting a perfectly round, crescent-moon preggo belly, this mess of a man provides a nice visual for “I Like You,” a trembling garage-rock do-si-do from Allston’s newest DIY dudes that shows a kindler, gentler side until rolling off the rails in a noisy dust-up towards the end. Recorded over the summer at the Haunted Casino — on tape with a four-track and vintage reverb unit — it’s raw and bluesy, with probably the only virgin in Allston (dirty or otherwise) running down Linden Street. Grab a scrub brush as the Virgins river-hop to Somerville’s P.A.’s Lounge on Saturday for a date with Triple Thick, Radio Control, and Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, and get your sonic cleanse by grabbing the “I Like You” MP3 below. - The Boston Phoenix

"Dirty Virgins are probably not virgins"

Dirty Virgins are probably not virgins

By Sonam Parikh » But they are definitely rolling around in the dirt.
Dirty Virgins are probably not virgins

The Dirty Virgins seem to have been unearthed from the grime of some Allston basement for just long enough to record a four-song EP before promptly returning to their muck. The EP features some serious fuzz (shitty recording) and some mean streaks of bluesy jams undercut by lyrics in the form of a modern day Western (“Bar Rot,” “Company Store”). There’s also the sunnier side of Whiskey Dick – “Speak Your Will” reminds brings to mind early Epsilons’ tracks. The band just mixed and mastered some new tracks – hopefully there’s an LP coming out soon?

- Impose Magazine

"Listen To: Dirty Virgins"

The Dirty Virgins have surfaced from the Allston basement to bestow upon their fans and friends a 7” that merits its own kegger. In their year of shaking up parties with rock ‘n roll tunes that get people to move, they’ve recorded songs that’ll break any reservations one might have about suddenly breaking into the twist. “Tapped Out” starts by paying its dues to the Kinks, but with more PBR. “Cheap Talk” is a rare breed of new song that combines all the rawness of the 1960's garage and renders it as legible dance music. As the 7” progresses, the individuality of musicians who claim to be a harmonious blend of Hawaii, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey blend together to bring a hard edge with some almost surfy melodies, but it’s hard to believe no one’s from the South. “Straight to Hell” pays homage to the blues, if the blues were strung out on heroin and hitchhiking through the Bible Belt. The reverb and fuzz amply dose the listener with a cool, indifferent brand of soul.

Perhaps they’re just stoned. During “Crazy High”, getting heavily baked never sounded so intense. Just go with it. The indifferent lyrics spin a rock tune that should serve as a motto to anyone who finds themselves in a similar predicament: “why, oh why, did I get this high? It’s alright.” Pre-order it online at dirtyvirgins.bandcamp.com, and you’ll spend a good ten minutes shaking and baking to a band that gives the modern night out a vintage context for booze-soaked house parties.
-BD - www.Bostonhassle.com


- "I Like You" Advanced Single, July 1, 2011 (Self Released)

- Whiskey Dick EP, July 4, 2011 (Self-Released)
1.Bar Rot
2.Speak Your Will
3.Company Store
4.I Like You

- Tapped Out 7" EP, March 1, 2012 (Cash To Mouth Records)
1.Cheap Talk
2.Crazy High
3.Straight To Hell

-12" LP coming fall 2012



Formed in June 2011, but with roots dating much further back, Allston 4-piece Dirty Virgins have quickly risen to the play amongst Boston's Elite. Cited in numerous local music publications as hot up and comers and have played over 60 shows in just their first year in existence. With two acclaimed EPs under their belt, Dirty Virgin are currently recording tracks for their next release; a full length LP recorded with Allston producers Wellington "McWolf" Netto and Josh "Yomaha" Northcutt to be released fall 2012 on Cash to Mouth Records.