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The best kept secret in music


"Crack Open A Cold One Review / Eerie Von Lee Interview"

To say that Dirty wee Middens are a bit fond of zombie movies is like saying that Ed Gein was a bit fond of tearing off your face and wearing it as a mask. Even ignoring the festering bride on the front cover and the album name, the first three tracks pay tribute to "Troma", "Raimi" and "Romero" respectively, and the entire thing is filled with choice one-liners from respective movies. If your reading this magazine then there's close to a 100% chance that you're partial to a bit of the old brain matter smeared across the inside of your TV screen, and Middens vocalist "Eerie Von Lee" is no exception. "Horror films in general are the bands influence", he admits, "But we prefer cheesey b-movies rather than the serious ones. It's always the good old ones that you can't beat - Evil Dead, anything by George a Romero and so on".

In fact one of the only things not dripping with slime and the stench of the grave is the band's name, which couldn't be more Scottish if they employed their drummer to leap out and beat you with a haggis whenever you played the album. Eerie explains "The name Dirty Wee Middens was something my brother and I came up with to let the world know that though we have a veryAmerican sound, we are proud of our roots and had to have a name with a Scottish heritage. The name to us means 'Dirty / perverted little kid' - if our mother caught us doing something that we shouldn't have been then we would have been told to 'STOP THAT ... you Dirty Wee Midden'. I think a lot of scottish folk can relate to that".

Musically, The Middens straddle a number of different sounds. The opening track and a couple of others are reminiscent of Rob Zombie's more recent work, while elsewhere The Damned and The Misfits have obviously had an influence, Even "OI!" and sleazy eighties hair metal rear their rotting heads from time to time. "As lovers of Punk and Glam Rock we wanted to fuse the two together again, like the misfits did" says Eerie, adding "They were an amazing band and still are today, but we believed we could bring something new to the horror punk genre, so we added a bit of sleaze into the mix".

The album even features a high octane cover of Sheb Wooley's deranged classic "Purple People Eater". "It's a timeless classic, it's that simple", The Middens vocalist explains. "Kids love it, grown-ups love it. My kid's eyes light up everytime he hears it and i wanted to put something on the album that was there for him. I only hope that Sheb Wooley isn't turning in his grave at what we've done with his song!".

Dirty Wee Middens are hoping to tour this summer, but in the meantime if you fancy being "Mesmerised by an onslaught of horror, sleaze and debauchery", you should head out into the night and unearth the brain-munching classics on their debut album. - Nihilista Newspaper

"Early Live Review, By Andy Garibaldi"

Dirty Wee Middens + Strictly Prohibited + Tartan Riot + Trash Superstar + Wasted Nation - Balcony Bar, Dundee 10-02-06

Next up was the band I'd mainly come to check out, "Dirty Wee Middens". I've now seen the last 5 or 6 gigs this band has played and gone from not thinking too much of them to seeing the line-up change and being seriously impressed at their progress on all fronts. Tonight, debuting a new guitarist, they truly were shit hot - and, in my opinion, the best act on the local scene right now.
They opened with a roaring version of the old standard "Monster Mash" with frontman Eerie singing like a banshee and the band firing on all cylinders.
From here it was into a supercharged boogie-stomp through a bunch of group originals, hyperspeed tracks that have stunning chorus and the band delivering their tightest performance so far.
The stage presence of this band is also transfixing, with the four front men leaping about the stage, leaping off the stage and generally the sort of thing that makes you wanna watch them from start to finish.
Next a seriously hardcore slice of anthemic punk in the guise of a couple of blink-and-you'll-miss-it short numbers. then came their stage favourite, a cover of The Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop". Now I've seen this band do this track many times - and never once have I thought or expected that they could ever do as good a job as the original. Well, tonight they managed it - this was one nuclear charged rendition that had all the ingredients spot on, as the guitars surged ahead on a hurricane sea of riffing Eerie delivered the vocals with urgency and intensity, the rhythm section driving it all forward with force - just a stunning version, for sure. Having to race through what would normally have been around a forty five minute set, they still gave a fucking excellent performance and the end track, now almost a stage requisite, sees them taking on the Undertones "Teenage Kicks" with their alternative version called "Suck My Dick" - appropriately re-lyricised - and performed with suitable passion and power - Peel would definitely have approved. The band as a whole played a blinder of a set, really giving their all and blazing with intensity, and with as good a frontman as they come, you can't help but feel that this is just a hint of things to come. This band take in so many influences and this makes them one of the most "original" sounding i've seen in a while. It can only get better!! - Deadearnest Dundee

"Recent Live Review By Andy Garibaldi"

One of the wonderful things about a Dirty Wee Middens set, apart from the fantastic songs, is the issue of whether or not the band are set on self-destruct that night - I saw them a few weeks earlier play a tight-as-f**k set at Dexters and, song-wise, it was superb - but somehow, because the band played it straight down the line, you almost felt as though there was that sense of anarchy and that looming on-the-brink chaos, missing. But tonight, they made up for it - more than made up for it - in fact there was so much of it, they were shovelling it off the floor!!
You kinda knew things were going to teeter on the edge when, during the band soundchecking just before the start, the lead guitarist KFK shouted loudly into the mic that he hadn't got a lead for the guitar because "his two were fucked" - twice!! Someone sorted out his request - meanwhile Eerie, the awesomely engaging lead singer and consumate punk-rock frontman, was slagging the band off for not being ready. But that was just the beginning. They launched into the first number, with a three-pronged assualt of bravado, electrifying intensity and this holocaust of sound that was like being hit by a tidal wave with bricks in it. The track ended and the audience - well, actually, did very little. BIGGGG mistake!!
Eerie immediately turns round and starts to heckle the audience for not reacting, demanding that they sing along - then promptly leaps into the audience, frabs some hapless guy, hauls him on stage and plonks him in front of the mic. Meanwhile, the guitarist from Shotgun Libido and someone else have leapt on stage and there are now about ten people up there as the band launched into their version of FDQ's "Rambo" with a ferocity that approached danger level. There was more beer going over the audience from the stage than was being served by the bar invoking a mass of pogoing onlookers into chanting along in a psychotic frenzy as the band hit the destruct button - or specifically, Deadboy Sean, who suddenly took it upon himself to hammer his guitar down on the stage doing his best "Pete Townsend at Woodstock" impression, promptly breaking the guitar in two!! He got rewarded by Eerie who, equally promptly, threw him off the stage - and that was the last we saw of that guitarist. Meanwhile KFK is now teetering unsteadily on a table at the left of the stage, as the rest of the band are flying around the stage, all but the drummer who must have been nailed to the chair. Number after roaring number poured out and the band just fired on all cylinders - even though they were one cylinder short of a jet engine. Musically, it was chaotic and on-the-edge, while, visually, and entirely unplanned, it was jaw-dropping and absolutely amazing. There's nothing like a Middens show - coz you never know what you're going to get. Exciting and full of stunningly catchy songs played with the force of a hurricane, and all you have to ask yourself, is whether or not there's a venue near you, brave enough to put them on!
- Deadearnest Dundee

"Grapevine Feature / Interview, "Dirty Wee Middens Begin To Clean Up"."

They're everywhere on the local gig scene these days, but it's only because of a "Last Ditch" effort that The Middens exist at all.

The Dundee-based purveyor of what they describe as "Sp*nk Rock 'N' Roll" (horror punk with a sleazy twist) went through several attempts to form a line-up before the band took it's current form.

Against the odds, however, they're now gigging at every opportunity and working towards that big break that would put their music on record store shelves.

"We tried a few times to get the middens going but things would come up and it wouldn't happen", recalled screamer / singer Eerie Von Lee.

"My brother and I got sick of being in other bands that broke up because of band politics, so we had one last go at finding the right folk for a project that we had been planning for years, basically the middens, we just hadn't gotten around to finding like minded people for the project, we knew that when we started the middens it had to be with the right people, otherwise it wouldn't work".

"We basically found that in the current line-up and things have been looking up ever since then. At the start folk thought we were just a gimmick and it was kinda hard to be taken seriously what with all the make-up etc, but it wasn't long untill that changed and of recent we've been getting loads of offers".

"Folk are always coming up to us saying how great we were and stuff, and though you try to be modest and thank them, it is a head swelling experience, we have a really good following now and hopefully things will keep on the up for the band".

Record company interest hasn't done anything to deflate their ego's either, or the string of support dates the band have lined up over the coming months.

They include shows in Dundee with Trashlight Vision, Then with the legendary Marky Ramone.
Followed by dates in Edinburgh with Tattooed Millionaires and more high profile slots in the pipeline.

For now though you can catch Dirty Wee Middens playing a well deserved headline slot at "The Doghouse Explosion, a night of hardcore and punk" at the city centre venue this friday.
- By Steve Bell - Evening Telegraph, dc thompson.

"More Coming Soon !"

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Band Has a Dedicated Street Team.

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The Embarassing Wood E:P
*Self Produced 100 Copies*
(no longer available)


Crack Open A Cold One
*Debut Album Triple Silence Records*
(avail march 5th 2007 in uk stores)

Purple People Eater
*Debut Single Triple Silence Records*
(release date TBC)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Name "DIRTY WEE MIDDENS" Comes From Scots Slang, When A Child Is Caught Doing Something They Shouldn't Be i:e:- Picking Nose Etc.

It Is Common To See Mothers Clipping Them Round The Ear Whilst Shouting
"Stop That You Dirty Wee Midden"

Founded In 2005 By Brothers Eerie And Rick, (themselves being on the brunt end of the above on numerous occasions)
The Middens Quickly Made Dents In The Fabric Of The Local Music Scene in Dundee, The Onstage/ Offstage Antics Of All Five Band Members Making Them Popular With The Ladies And Guys Alike.

Quickly Word Spread About The Band And Invites To Play Came In Thick And Fast From all Areas Of Scotland
Glasgow / Edinburgh / Aberdeen etc.

The Band Play Thick / Fast And Catchy Punk Rock Tunes But Do Not Limit Themselves In That They Do Bridge Into Glam Rock And Even Metal Tracks, Making Them Slip Easily Onto Most Rock Billing And Fit In Nicely With The Music On The Night.

At Middens Gigs The Audience Can Be Seen Jumping Around Wildly And Singing Along To Songs That They Have Never Experienced Before The Gig.

Heavily Influenced By Acts Such As Misfits And Murderdolls, But Also Blending In Styles Reminiscent Of The Early Punk Movement Such As The Damned And The Sex Pistols, It Would Be Easy To Say That The Middens Play Straight Forward Horror Punk, However This Is Not The Case As There Are Also Tones Of Guns N Roses And Kiss In The Mix There, Coupled With Their Own Sleazy Antics And Open Minded Sexual Attitude They Have Brought In Their Own Brand Of What Can Only Be Described As

This Makes Them a Very Versatile Act Which Gives Them The Edge That They Can Entertain Punk Audiences / Metal Audiences Etc With Ease As It Is Very Hard To Place Them In Any One Particular Genre.

The Only Way To Sum Up The Middens Is To Experience The Band For Yourselves.

Reviews Show That The Middens Are Definately One Of The Best Live Acts Around, And Ultimately One To Watch.

Untill Recently, Dirty Wee Middens Were A Quintet
The Lineup Has Now Been Reduced To A Quartet
And We Will Not Be Auditioning A New Guitarist As
The Band Feel A Second Guitar Is Not Required.