Dirty Wee Middens

Dirty Wee Middens


Scotlands Premiere Horror Punk Act And Founders Of "WHEELIE BIN SPUNK ROCK N ROLL" With A Reputation For Chaotic, Energy Charged Live Shows. Played Alongside Internationally Reknowned Acts Such As :-"Marky Ramone" "Trashlight Vision" and more.


The Name "DIRTY WEE MIDDENS" Comes From Scots Slang, When A Child Is Caught Doing Something They Shouldn't Be i:e:- Picking Nose Etc.

It Is Common To See Mothers Clipping Them Round The Ear Whilst Shouting
"Stop That You Dirty Wee Midden"

Founded In 2005 By Brothers Eerie And Rick, (themselves being on the brunt end of the above on numerous occasions)
The Middens Quickly Made Dents In The Fabric Of The Local Music Scene in Dundee, The Onstage/ Offstage Antics Of All Five Band Members Making Them Popular With The Ladies And Guys Alike.

Quickly Word Spread About The Band And Invites To Play Came In Thick And Fast From all Areas Of Scotland
Glasgow / Edinburgh / Aberdeen etc.

The Band Play Thick / Fast And Catchy Punk Rock Tunes But Do Not Limit Themselves In That They Do Bridge Into Glam Rock And Even Metal Tracks, Making Them Slip Easily Onto Most Rock Billing And Fit In Nicely With The Music On The Night.

At Middens Gigs The Audience Can Be Seen Jumping Around Wildly And Singing Along To Songs That They Have Never Experienced Before The Gig.

Heavily Influenced By Acts Such As Misfits And Murderdolls, But Also Blending In Styles Reminiscent Of The Early Punk Movement Such As The Damned And The Sex Pistols, It Would Be Easy To Say That The Middens Play Straight Forward Horror Punk, However This Is Not The Case As There Are Also Tones Of Guns N Roses And Kiss In The Mix There, Coupled With Their Own Sleazy Antics And Open Minded Sexual Attitude They Have Brought In Their Own Brand Of What Can Only Be Described As

This Makes Them a Very Versatile Act Which Gives Them The Edge That They Can Entertain Punk Audiences / Metal Audiences Etc With Ease As It Is Very Hard To Place Them In Any One Particular Genre.

The Only Way To Sum Up The Middens Is To Experience The Band For Yourselves.

Reviews Show That The Middens Are Definately One Of The Best Live Acts Around, And Ultimately One To Watch.

Untill Recently, Dirty Wee Middens Were A Quintet
The Lineup Has Now Been Reduced To A Quartet
And We Will Not Be Auditioning A New Guitarist As
The Band Feel A Second Guitar Is Not Required.


Softly Softly

Written By: Copyright 2006 - Dirty Wee Middens


A Memory Of What Was Once A Man
Inside A Mind Created By A Monsters Hands
Brought Back To Life Not Left To Rot In Hell
Condemned To Walk The Earth After My Funeral
And All Because You Had To Try And Prove
There Was No Mind Upon This Earth As Great As You
The Powerful Doctor Victor Frankenstein
They Only See Your Monster Not My Tears Inside

Softly Softly
Hands Adorn Your Throat
Softly Softly
Till You Start To Choke
Gently Gently
I Slow Your Breathing
Softly Softly
Till Your Heart Stops Beating

My Father So Called Master Of The Knife
From Corpses Nuts And Bolts And Screws You Gave Me Life
They Won't Accept This Man Because Outside
They See An Abominal Creation Of Psychotic Pride So...
I Have To Go
Now I Must Leave
Civilisation Is No Place For Me But
You Cant Be Left
Behind To Do Again
Twisted Experiments Of Satan
Forgive Me Father
Now I Must Sin
I'll Make It As Painless As I Can
It All Ends Now
Your Life Stops Here
Creation Kills Creator With His Conscience Clear

Softly Softly
Hands Adorn Your Throat
Softly Softly
Till You Start To Choke
Gently Gently
I Slow Your Breathing
Softly Softly
Till Your Heart Stops Beating

*Bridge / drumfill*

*solo / outro*

Blood, Sex Rock 'N' Roll

Written By: Copyright 2006 - Dirty Wee Middens



I feel the razor connect and then it burns my flesh
As the blood it starts to drain
But i never cut and release blood
As a means to ease my pain
Ever since i was a young boy, i would relieve my strife
Livin in a fantasy world
In which there was an afterlife
There were so many movies, on the silver screen
But i didn't wanna be a commando
And rocky was never for me
As far back as i remember, all i ever wanted to be
Was a blood suckin motherfuckin homage to mr lugosi


I only wanna bite ya, well i'm a virtual vampire
Tear your flesh during sex
And raise the stakes up higher
I wanna drain your life hun
And feed you with my own
And as the claret runs down my neck you can join me in a little death


Blood, Sex, Rock And Roll
Blood, Sex And Rock And Roll
A Little Something To Blacken Our Souls
Blood, Sex And Rock And Roll



So as i penetrate i wanna liberate, your ruby red existence
A little sensuality mixed with passion,
We're all a little twisted
You've got your kinks this is mine
No need to feel ashamed
Honey i dont care about your looks
I'm concentratin on your veins
So share with me your body's wine, i can make you feel devine
Of you when i caught that first sight
I knew it'd be
Love at first bite


Blood, Sex, Rock And Roll
Blood, Sex And Rock And Roll
A Little Something To Blacken Our Souls
Blood, Sex And Rock And Roll




The Embarassing Wood E:P
*Self Produced 100 Copies*
(no longer available)


Crack Open A Cold One
*Debut Album Triple Silence Records*
(avail march 5th 2007 in uk stores)

Purple People Eater
*Debut Single Triple Silence Records*
(release date TBC)

Set List

A Typical Setlist Will Consist Of 40 - 45 Mins
(with a given 5 - 10 mins incase of encore)

Set Includes Tracks From The Album And A Few Choice Covers Depending On Audience Reactions.

A Basic Setlist For Us To Play Would Be

(opening cover to grab attention)

Monster Mash (misfits version)
Science Fiction Double Feature (own version)

*followed by our own songs*

Carnival Of Disgrace
Land Of The Dead
Welcome To Zombietown

*a possible cover here*

Rambo (fdqfp13)
Graverobbing USA (murderdolls)

Followed Up By A Break From The Fast Punk Into Our Own More Rock n Roll / Hair Metal Numbers

Blood Sex Rock "n" Roll
Softly Softly
She's Mine

*another cover in here*

Bullet (misfits)
Blitzkrieg Bop (ramones)

*Followed By Another Cover (licensed to dirty wee middens and track 6 on our debut album / debut single - ltd edition 666 copies purple vinyl)*

Purple People Eater

Finishing With Our Own Numbers

Embarassing Wood
Dead By Dawn