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Dirtywhite Fashion


Purely honest, musically innovative, emotionally intense rock


Dirtywhite Fashion, the New York City based rock band, gives its listeners existential insights with a positive edge and creates a fusion of art rock with contemporary overtones. Above all, Dirtywhite Fashion seeks to move its listeners with its raw lyrical content and musically innovative style.

Originally formed in NYC, Dirtywhite Fashion is composed of lead singer and songwriter Feck, longtime bandmate and keyboardist Will Sprawls, bassist Chris Miles, and drummer Roman Storch. Their sophomore recording, Reality Music, the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut Thirteen, proves the band more confident and defined than ever, showcasing its unique musical sound. Laying a musical foundation comprised of innovative guitar lines, a Zeppelin-esque rhythm section, and analog-meets-digital synths, Feck’s soulful, yet grippingly distinct vocals maneuver through a variety of life experiences and observations. Feck’s writing philosophy can be described as concise and deliberate. “I write a song in one pass, one sit-down session, or it doesn’t get finished,” he says. “Songwriting is reactionary, in my opinion, and is the most true when it is reactionary. I very rarely revise any of my lyrics.”

Dirtywhite Fashion’s first album Thirteen was named one of the best debut CDs of the year by Michael Walls of 2walls.com and Alicia Koledin of altarnative.com. Their first single “Someday” climbed to #3 on garageband.com and was featured on Shut Eye Records “Buzzlighter” compilation, making the playlist on over 30 college radio stations nationwide. In addition, the single “Superstar” from Reality Music was featured alongside artists like Johnny Cash, Chris Robinson and Ours on CMJ’s marathon edition compilation, “Certain Damage.” Dirtywhite Fashion has played live across the East Coast and has interviewed on numerous radio stations, including WRAS-GSU (the largest broadcast US college station). Recently featured on the industry acclaimed independent A&R site Demodiaries.com, Dirtywhite Fashion was compared to Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Jeff Buckley in terms of the scope and grandeur of their music.

Whether in studio or on stage Dirtywhite Fashion strives to create music that not only entertains but moves and inspires the listener. Live, the band is a gritty version of the album and can be described as “really tight but not to the point of sounding uninspired.” Keyboardist Will Sprawls explains, “We let loose and keep it real. Feck digs into the strings, Chris holds down the bottom, Roman beats the drums and I interject my soul as much as I can.”

Inspired by an eclectic array of musicians including Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, The Posies, Oasis, and Ryan Adams, Dirtywhite Fashion’s realistic approach, combined with its compellingly addictive tunes and commercially viable sound, will appeal to music lovers everywhere.

For more information contact Scott Fritz, DWF Management / info@dirtywhitefashion.com.




Written By: Scott Fritz/William Sprawls


Every day you pass me by
I keep askin’ myself why I never say hello
Walkin’ along, girl you got no grace
Sometimes I don’t even think you know where you want to go

We could cross each others’ paths
I don’t know what I’ll want to say
I guess I’ll just go crazy until that day

Shoppin’ in a thrift store, baby wants to be a superstar
Sellin’ your soul for another ones’ shoes
It only brings us all the blues
And you know we’re getting so low

When we cross each others’ paths
I might know what it’s all about
I guess I’ll just go crazy

Someday, somewhere when you fall, I’ll be there

Wake up, it’s time to go
Can you feel the sun shining down
All around you


2005 - "Reality Music"
2003 - "Thirteen", debut album
2003 - CMJ Certain Damage compilation, featuring "Superstar" from Dirtywhite Fashion
2003 - Shut Eye Records' Buzzlighter, featuring "Someday" from Dirtywhite Fashion
Various tracks from "Thirteen" have been in rotation on over 30 college radio stations, including the Lee & Wolfe Show, college radio's #1 syndicated show.

Set List

A typical set might read like this :

An Experiment In Liberation
Crash Landing
Throwing Stones
The Sad Light of Morningtime
Under A Cold Sun
The Stars Still Shine (Sometimes)