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North Hollywood, California, United States | SELF

North Hollywood, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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"Disalto=”by leaps” in Italian/cool band"

The first time I heard Disalto, I seriously thought I was listening to Rise Against. A friend introduced me to them quite by mistake and I’ve played their newest album One Beacon in the Strand numerous times since then.

Disalto is the beacon in the Los Angeles strand and was a part of last year’s Warped Tour lineup with Bad Religion. After listening to their debut several more times, I was relieved to hear that they are not trying to copy Rise Against in the least. For one, they’re also influenced by A Perfect Circle, At the Drive-In, and Radiohead. Also, Dana Cordero voice has traces of Sparta’s Jim Ward incorporated into his style as well.

One Beacon in the Strand was produced by David Baker (Diffuser) and mixed by Mike Major (At the Drive-In, Coheed & Cambria, Sparta) who both did an excellent job of polishing an intricate sound, making it clear and giving each song its own identity. The album captures Disalto’s ultimate strength, their ability to move from aggression and fury to the more restrained part of the musical spectrum, navigating between them smoothly and accommodating both equally well. - Eat Sleep Breathe Music

"Interview with Disalto bassist Joe Friedman"

One Beacon in the Strand is the sophomore release from Los Angeles hard rockers Disalto. This disc is a collection of songs that could easily be heard on virtually any modern rock station across the country. It is a high-energy rock album that begs to be played at top volume. The skillful musicianship and dazzling production make this disc quite and enjoyable listen. Recently I submitted a number of questions for the band to answer which bassist Joe Friedman took the time to compile and submit. Here is what the band had to say about their new release, One Beacon in the Strand.

Now that your new CD, One Beacon in the Strand, is complete how do you feel about it? Are you satisfied with the outcome?
Joe: One Beacon in the Strand definitely proved to be way more challenging than our debut album,Accepting the Sequence. Working on a strict budget obviously limits the amount of time you can spend in the studio so there are a number of things we feel we could’ve done better. However, working with a producer for the first time demanded that we check our egos at the door and do what’s best for each song. We learned how to listen to each other on every aspect of the song and we got a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses as musicians, since they were all magnified. As for our satisfaction with the album as a whole, we would definitely have to say yes. Working with Mike Major during the mixing and mastering process showed us how important it is to have an engineer that understands the flow of the album and knows how to maximize its sonic potential.

What was the writing process like for this CD? Did you guys all write together? How long did it take?
Joe: The writing process was very refreshing at first because of the wide array of ideas we each brought to the table. Some of the foundations and melodies of the songs began as early as the summer of 2008 after our first overseas show in Tel Aviv, Israel. However, most of the album was written and fine-tuned before our performances on the Vans Warped Tour in 2009. As we came closer to the studio date, things started to become a bit more arduous. 99% of our songs were written together in our rehearsal studio, so we were all hell-bent on having everything done before we went into the recording studio. We knew things could change once we started recording, which they did, but we wanted to know our songs as well as possible beforehand.

Give us some insight into the meaning behind the title One Beacon in the Strand?
Joe: The title came from a love/hate relationship with Los Angeles and the “eclectic” music scene that some people claim it has. Yes, we do feel that L.A. has a lot to offer musically, and we definitely have a list of talented local bands who we love to share the stage with, but we also feel that you have to sift through a lot of shit to find it. That’s where the title came from. We know that Disalto is not reinventing the wheel, but we definitely feel that we provide a breath a fresh air or a beacon of light, so to speak, in a cluttered and predictable music scene.

Are there any tracks on this disc that are personal favorites or that have good stories behind them?
Joe: The whole album tends to carry a theme of pursuing what you love, pushing through self-doubt, and experiencing the emotions throughout the whole journey. Musically and lyrically, the whole band loves “Lightbulb” since we feel it represents all of those elements, however “Passport” is nostalgic because it was inspired by our amazing experience of playing in Israel.

What is the toughest lesson you have ever learned in the studio and on the stage?
Joe: In the studio we learned that it’s very difficult to get things to sound like you originally envision. Happy mistakes are sometimes prevalent and it helps the songs take on a life of their own. On stage, we found out that the best shows happen when you roll with the mistakes and leave it all out there. It’s important to play well, but it’s more important to perform relentlessly and do everything possible to connect with the audience.

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?
Joe: We’ve already touched on both a little, but it would definitely be playing the kickoff show of Warped Tour 09’ in our hometown and playing live in Tel Aviv, Israel. Both experiences helped us realize why we do what we do and what being in a band is all about.

Every band has its musical influences. What are some of the other bands and artists that have greatly influenced you guys and your music?
Joe: Wow, there are so many to choose from. Collectively, we were definitely inspired by the groundbreaking Alternative bands of the 90’s such as Radiohead, At the Drive In, Deftones, Tool, and Refused. Some of the more contemporary bands would be Dredg, Sigur Ros, Glassjaw, and Circa Survive. Individually speaking, we all have our favorites: Oren’s into Disturbed and Dream Theatre. Dana loves Rage Against the Machine and Incubus. Carlos has a lot of respect for Thrice. Joe and Dave are influenced by Death Cab for Cutie, Bloc Party, and Mogwai.

If you could jam with any famous musician, dead or alive, from any century, who would it be and why?
Joe: Dave would love to jam with any and all members of Radiohead. He feels that their range and diversity, use of electronics, and immense understanding of movements set them apart from the rest. Carlos would wanna jam with Mitch Mitchell of The Experience and Santana. Dana is captivated by Jimi Hendrix so he figures why not? Joe is floored by Jon Theodore’s drumming style (formally for The Mars Volta) and Les Claypool’s undeniable virtuosity on the bass. While Oren, on the other hand, just feels privileged to be in a band of Disalto’s caliber, so why should he desire anything else?!... honestly... he’s just happy when he’s creating with any talented musicians at any given time.

Do you have any touring plans made yet?
Joe: Tour dates are in the works for the remaining months of 2010 and early in 2011 but nothing is set in stone yet... we’re always open to suggestions so let us know if you want us to play your town!

Will you be going on the road with anyone in particular?
Joe: No one specific, but we definitely have some potential fits that would make a great tour. I guess you’ll know when we do!

Any closing words?
Joe: In closing, sometimes great music is built and matured through adversity. If it comes easy, it’s probably not as good as it can be. Hopefully, new fans can listen to our album, come out to our shows and know that our music comes from an honest place. That being said, thanks for listening to Disalto and please support your scene! - Pure Grain Audio Sept. 25, 2010; By: Bruce Moore

"Live Show Review- Disalto"

After an extended hiatus, Disalto has been trying to reclaim the hardcore glory they displayed at the Warped Tour a few years back, and are hoping their layoff has provided a creative spark. At LaBrie’s in Glendale on August 17th they performed a highly energetic set that showed their potential to become a strong presence in the LA music scene.

They began the set with “Precious Flaw”, a ferocious song that really set the tone and was a solid glimpse into what this band is all about; in-your-fucking-face music, played with a lot of emotion. Performing on a stage too small for comfort, Disalto’s stage presence is heightened by convulsing guitarists and a wild drummer who’s not afraid to swing his sticks like Animal from The Muppets. Lead singer, Dana Cordero, deep, commanding voice leaves you in a trance and one can’t help but be memorized by his vocals.

“Charades”, their most polished sounding song, was backed by a smooth melody and really stood out among the 30 minute set. Their new single, “The Arrival”, has a lot of promise and look forward to hearing the studio version on KROQ in the near future.

The band, cohesive as a unit, failed to deliver any indication of how talented they are under a singular spotlight. Unless it went through my ears between trips to the bar, there was not one solo in any song by the 4-piece band, singer not included. Why would a group that plays with such gusto not take the time to showcase their raw energy, individually? Modesty is an excellent quality in life, but the stage is not the place to be reserved. One has to wonder why the members were being timid about revealing their skills: saving their best for a larger show, still working out the rust, or lacking the talent to pull off meaningful solos? Solos aside, I was impressed to see a group of loyal fans that gathered to celebrate Disalto’s comeback as they sang along with a euphoric utz that only an established band could create. After finishing with “Lightbulb” the crowd pleaded for an encore, none more vocal than the bartender who was solo-moshing behind the bar the entire set. Disalto appeased the fans with “U”, a song from their first album, which contributed, too much of their success.

A lot of questions about the future success of Disalto were answered Tuesday night, and it seems as if they can bust out of their shell just a little, the opportunities will be there. Check them out at www.Disalto.com - All Access Magazine Sept. 23, 2010; By: Kevin Bennett

"Musician Interview with Warped Tour band Disalto"

How about a brief vocab lesson to introduce our next band Disalto? Disalto is a band that thinks before they name something. From their band name to their album name, they lend careful thoughtfulness to their music and everything tied to it. For their sophomore album, Disalto avoided clichés and gave their album a title that is not at once understandable but ultimately decipherable—One Beacon in the Strand.For those of you that don’t grasp the meaning, the words below should help you out. If you still don’t get it, the band explains it themselves below. Enjoy!

Beacon (noun) a person or thing that illuminates or inspires
Strand (noun) the land bordering the sea, a lake, or a river; shore; beach

What is the reasoning behind the band name and who choose it?

Our name, Disalto, was sort of stumbled upon randomly when Joe was thumbing through a dictionary one day for some cerebral stimulation. It’s an old Italian word that means “by leaps” so we felt it had some depth and character. We figured that it would be a good way to remind ourselves that our music must continue to evolve and push forward.

Your new album One Beacon in the Strand was just released, how did you choose that title?

We feel that our album title is a sort of microcosm of the Los Angeles music scene. It seems like there is a lot of the same music being released out there, especially in the rat race known as L.A. I guess we thought that it would be best to at least convince ourselves that we were doing something different.

What is the song that you are most excited to show your fans now that the album is out?

To be honest, there is no one song in particular that we are more proud of…..it’s kinda like choosing your favorite child. We’re proud that we were able to change the writing process and improve our songwriting overall. Each song came from a different place with different emotions, but they each serve their own purpose on this album and we hope that it is received well as a whole.

You guys had the privilege of playing the Vans Warped Tour, which many refer to as punk-rock summer camp, what was that experience like for Disalto?

You may refer to it as a punk rock summer camp, but we’ll refer to it as a boot camp. Don’t get us wrong, we were stoked and privileged to be on the same bill with bands such as Thrice, Bad Religion and Underoath, but for a relatively unknown band such as ourselves, it was baptism by fire. As I am sure with all first time bands, the Warped Tour forces you to improvise, roll with the punches, and show the kids a bad ass show at all costs…..and at the end of the day, we can honestly say we did that. We learned a lot about ourselves and if asked to play it again, we would do it in a heartbeat!!….can someone say summer 2011??

Most bands refer to each other as brothers, but Disalto actually has two brothers, Joe and Dave, do you guys tend to gang up on the others?

Nope….we gang up on Dana!! After all, he is the youngest and he takes it like a champ!

How did all of you meet?

Well, Dave and Joe are obviously womb buddies…..Carlos started tagging along after he was kicked out of his house at age 6 for reckless behavior……Dana was found hitchhiking to L.A. from Bakersfield and we found Oren selling Dead Sea Products at a kiosk in a random mall.

If all of you were given a super power each tomorrow, what would they be and would you change your band name to reflect them?

Dave would like to have the power of Telekinesis so he can change people’s minds. Dana would like to be invisible so he could hide from all his frantic admirers. Oren would like to be able to fly so he didn’t have to drive in L.A. traffic anymore (it’s scary to watch). Carlos would like the regenerative powers of Wolverine so he could stage dive at will, even when the venue is empty. And Joe would like to be a shape shifter so he could turn into a Jonas Brother and cause a massive train wreck on stage in front of thousands of annoying teens…..then quit the band. As for our band name, it would stay the same, but we would have some interesting side projects!

What is the best tour prank you have played on each other or another band?

Considering that we’ve been together for at least 6 years, it is impossible to think of just one….and honestly, we don’t plan masterful pranks, but we tirelessly fuck around with each other. However, If we had to choose one, once when we were playing in Flagstaff Arizona, we threw one of Dana’s flip flops in the woods and told him it was poison ivy…he debated with himself for 20 minutes before mustering up the courage to hop on one foot and retrieve his beloved flip flop…..needless to say, the one-legged man was unsuccessful and he fell in the NON Poison Ivy…..knowing this, we still let him run to the hose to wash off the potential infection that would never happen anyway!….we have it all on video!

If you find yourself in Pasadena, CA on July 6th, Disalto will be playing at The Terrace at 9:45. You can also find them here or on Facebook.

- Music Goat; June 28, 2010

"Disalto – One Beacon in the Strand = ****(4 out of 4 stars)"

It’s unfortunate that some bands these days trade shtick for honest song writing. Attempts at being clever rather than cranking out great, big rock songs. Focusing on their outfits before their sound. It’s a shame, really.

Thankfully, disalto doesn’t fall into that category. disalto is five cats from North Hollywood, California cranking out earnest tunes with massive guitar riffs, bright vocals and groovy undertones on their debut LP One Beacon in the Strand. In the vein of bands like Finger Eleven, Strata, The Panic Division and 30 Seconds to Mars, disalto cranks out 11 tracks of alt-metal filled with a sense of importance. From the initial guitar licks on album opener, “The Arrival,” it becomes clear that you’re in for seriously solid tunes.

The vocal work of singer Dana Cordero is a welcome change from the barrage of tough guy, growled vocalists out there. His reach for the sky voice is the perfect complement to the heavy weight undulations of bassist Joe Friedman and jackhammer drums of Oren Halmut. Guitarists Carlos Flores and Dave Friedman bounce from delicate atmospheric touches to crushing riffs at the drop of a hat.

The stand out tracks include the unifying, sing along “Paint the Sky” and the heart wrenching “Shiraz Farewell.” “Precious Flaw” lends some philosophy as to the love affair Southern Californian’s have with their cars. “Think it Over” damn near belongs on modern rock radio and the album closer, “Lightbulb,” is an open letter to the universe and the curveballs that can be thrown into one’s plans.

If there’s one flaw to be found in One Beacon in the Strand is that it’s entirely too short. Although the songs are involved enough to make one forget that it’s only clocking in at a hair over 38 minutes, I feel like I don’t want it to end. I don’t normally condone consecutive listening of anything, but One Beacon . . . demands it. Here’s hoping disalto can get onto a national tour soon, as their work is good for the youth of America. - Mental Pirate; August 26, 2010

"Bands to Watch- Disalto"

Fresh off last year’s Warped Tour, Disalto just released their second full-length album One Beacon In The Strand. The band, whose name means “by leaps” in Italian, blends influences like A Perfect Circle, Switchfoot, Smashing Pumpkins, At the Drive-In and Radiohead to produce a punk/emo/early nineties alternative rock sound.

The members of the band each hold their own and work hard to complement each other. This is not a band that is competing with one another to steal the spotlight.

Dana Cordero’s vocals are unobstructed and come across clear and with conviction, taking some influence from Tim McIlrath’s younger self, no doubt. Even when he soars into a falsetto, he does so powerfully avoiding the whiny thinner sound that less experienced vocalists put forth.

David Friedman and Carlos Flores have a great balance on guitar. They contribute varied guitar riffs, allowing all of the songs on One Beacon In The Strand to have their own identity. Still, their aggressive style and balanced approach keeps everything tied together, so that their sound is cohesive and compelling.

The rhythm section also has its share of strengths. Oren Halmut’s progressive drumming and experienced restraint, gives the band a varied backdrop. He is able to provide a benign accompaniment, or a roaring propulsive force and best of all, he knows which one is appropriate at what time. Same goes for Joe Friedman on bass. When his basslines accompany a vicious drumming sequence, the result is loaded and full.

Still, the silent artist on the album is their accomplished mixer Mike Major (At the Drive-In, Coheed & Cambria, Sparta). If anyone is responsible for making sure that every little nuance the band puts forth is given proper attention, it’s Mike, and he does a fantastic job on the production. He keeps the varied parts from bleeding together and sounding amateurish. The distinct elements and lush soundscape, truly make Disalto stand out from other bands. They have the talent to put together a distinguishing sound and have the wits to know that is takes a professional to capture it.

As a whole, the band is adept at working together to blend aggression with serenity. They move back and forth between the two, at times holding back the aggression in their songs to clear a path for the vocals . At other times, the band will launch an all-out assault on the listener, with the vocals leading the way, yet yielding to everything else. The overall ebb and flow, is an integral part of Disalto’s style, and is responsible for keeping their sound interesting, especially since they do it so well.

I would really recommend giving them a listen. Check them out here or on Facebook. - ZME Music

"Album Review- Disalto "One Beacon in the Strand""

With so many bands in Southern California it’s easy for one to get mixed in with the rest. For someone who writes about the music scene here, it is even harder to swift through the pile. However, there is one thing that separates the boys from the men and Disalto knows just how to do it—their drive and passion for music shows through on all aspects of their life. They don’t just play music, they live and breathe it, unlike many bands who simply put out a record and hope something great happens.

On Disalto’s new album One Beacon In the Strand, you can hear just how serious this band is about their music career. With 10 songs, this album has one great song after the next. Lead singer, Dana Cordero, has a voice that will remind you of a younger version of Tim McIlrath. The chemistry in the band is clear throughout the album. With help from producer David Baker and mixing by Mike Major, One Beacon In the Strand is no sophomore slump for Disalto.

The album opens with the band’s single, “The Arrival.” With the low, dirty bass sound coming from Joe Friedman, followed by intricate guitar work from both Carlos Flores and Dave Friedman, this single is aimed to please. As the chorus comes in, drummer Oren Halmut hit the drums in a fashion that is sure to make mosh pits everywhere go off the walls. The next track “Sooner or Later” remind me off a song you might find on a Red Jumpsuit Apparatus album and this is not a bad thing. In this track, Cordero shows off the higher side of his vocal range. However, this band is not all about showing off on their instruments, they have deep meaning behind their songs. In “Precious Flaw” we are reminded about how inconsiderate we are of the environment when driving around in our gas guzzling cars all day. The band says, “The fumes that I breath are toxic, why are these fools inconsiderate? Precious flaw, nothing I do is perfect, I don’t wanna be a part of it.” The album ends with the track “Lightbulb” again we hear Cordero’s talented vocal abilities, along with a catchy underlying bass line. This track talks about the future and how its path its unknown, its starts with confusion, but eventually moves into a more positive light, “It’s a beautiful morning, the sun it is rising, the clouds are colliding”

Disalto is definitely a band worth checking out. With so many bands coming and going, Disalto will be one of the ones to stick around for quite a while. Check them out at www.disalto.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/disalto/92825409332?v=wall

- Mark Ayala - Alternative HD- By: Mark Ayala

"Album Review- Disalto "One Beacon in the Strand""

DISALTO is a Los Angeles based rock band that has been creating varied music since 2005 when they released their first EP. Taking their name from the Italian word “by leaps”, the band has lived up to their name by taking great strides to creating varied tracks with each album. Drawing on influences from bands such as A PERFECT CIRCLE, SWITCHFOOT and SMASHING PUMPKINS, DISALTO has developed a strong musical repertoire of excellent late 90s / early 2000s memories. They performed at the big alternative / punk Warp tour fest in 2009 and now in 2010 they’ve felt it is the right time to deliver their second full length debut, ‘One Beacon in the Strand’.

‘One Beacon in the Strand’ has a variety of music; most of it focuses on melodic riffs and progressive drumming. The album opens with ‘The Arrival’ which offers clean, harmonic vocals mixed with chugging riffs and sporadic drumming; a good lead in. Very few tracks follow the same formula however, which is a gem amongst bands of this age that can tend to create the same song over and over again. ‘Sooner Or Later’ has a great drum intro and feels very laid back compared to the last track. ‘Charades’ mixes a thick, industrial drum sound with a tempo that rises in aggression and falls into a melodic steadfast. Overall the vocals keep this soft, easygoing tone throughout the album along the lines of bands like SWITCHFOOT or MUSE, but the music of each track, no matter how different, fits them no matter what.

Not all the tracks are easy going. ‘Passport’ has a much thicker sound with the guitars and even sounds a bit more distorted, bordering the gritty sound of black metal with clean vocals attached. It is a bit different for DISALTO’s standards, but a welcome experimental twist, and it still sounds extremely progressive. ‘Could It Be’ and ‘Lightbulb’ aren’t by any means metal sounding, but they are certainly more upbeat than the rest of the tracks in the way the guitars seamlessly flow together along with the drums. With the biting tempo mixed with melody it is certainly understandable why DISALTO would fit the bill for a stage such as The Warped Tour. With the ability to meld aggression and quieter textures in numerous forms, there is no telling just how far this band can go… except that they will go far. In today’s alternative rock scene it is very hard to find fresh sounds, but fortunately DISALTO is one of them. Instead of applying just one version of music and offsetting it with just a single track that is completely different, the band strives to alter their sound with each song and still keep a well defined genre within their music. The sound of ‘One Beacon in the Strand’ is both angry and peaceful, and when blended together, delivers something that fans have long been waiting to hear.
- Reflections of Darkness- By: Colin McNamara

"New Music Critiques: Disalto "One Beacon in Strand" 8 out of 10"

Judging from the sound of these recordings, this agile band could easily open for 30 Secs to Mars or Rise Against. Urgent, emotive and dynamic describes "The Arrival," a tune whose tasteful guitar work and bass solo are standouts. Singer Dana Cordero shows good range, color and shade on "Sooner or Later." What we like is how these songs are arranged for maximum drama when played for a live audience. After two full-length CDs the band must take its sound- proficient as it is- and do something fresh that'll stand out from the pack. - Music Connection- November 2010 edition

"Growing 'by leaps'- Disalto wails at LaBrie's Lounge"

LaBrie’s Lounge, the hot new place to hear live music in Glendale, on Tuesday features the North Hollywood-based band Disalto, a word that means “by leaps” in Italian.

This hard-working outfit writes songs based on hard-nosed emotional honesty, propelled by wailing guitars and concussive rhythm.
Raw emotion, superior songwriting and high production values converge in mesmerizing live shows — with a sound that pulls influences from diverse sources including Radiohead, A Perfect Circle and At the Drive-In — to make Disalto a band
to watch.

The band’s latest CD is “One Beacon in the Strand.” - Pasadena Weekly 10/21/2010; By: John Sollenberger


October 2005- "Disalto" E.P.
May 2007- "Accepting the Sequence" L.P.
April 2010- "One Beacon in the Strand" L.P.

The single, "U" from the full length album, "Accepting the Sequence" charted as the #1 Alternative Rock Song for 2 weeks in 2007 on KCSS in Northern California.

The single, "The Arrival" from 2010's "One Beacon in the Strand currently in rotation on:

WUMM Machias, Maine- #1 Add
KSYM San Antonio, Texas- #2 Add
WNSU Fort Lauderdale, Florida- #4 Add
WMCO New Concord, Ohio- Charted at #6
WKKL West Barnstable, Massachusetts - Charted at #8
WSIA Staten Island, New York- Charted at #23
WHSN Bangor, Maine- Charted at #27

The songs: "Sooner or Later" and "Shiraz Farewell" from 2010's "One Beacon in the Strand" were also in Heavy Rotation on:

KSSU- Sacramento, California
KSHU-Huntsville, Texas
WTCC- Springfield, Massachusetts
WSPN- Saratoga Springs, New York
KWCW- Walla Walla, Washington
Riddle Radio- Prescott, Arizona
WCNI- New London, Connecticut
WCVF- Fredonia, New York
KCSS- Turlock, California
WLCA- Godfrey, Illinois
WLUR- Lexington, Virginia
CFRE- Mississauga, Ontario Canada
CHMR- St. Johns, Newfoundland Canada




Los Angeles–based band Disalto takes its name to heart. Meaning “by leaps” in Italian, Disalto here signifies a hard-working, no-nonsense five-piece that’s making music based on ruthless emotional honesty, driving electric guitars, and propulsive rhythms, and has been winning over crowds in Los Angeles and on the West Coast with an impressive momentum.

Disalto released it’s first E.P. in 2005 and introduced it’s first full length album, "Accepting the Sequence" in 2007. Now, in 2010, Disalto has released it’s 2nd full length album entitled "One Beacon in the Strand". This ten song recording was produced by David Baker (Diffuser) and mixed by the accomplished Mike Major (At the Drive-In, Coheed & Cambria, Sparta). One Beacon in the Strand exemplifies Disalto’s use of lush soundscapes, climactic vocals, assaulting transitions, and textured melodies which in turn creates a sound of their own.

Drawing from diverse influences that include A Perfect Circle, At the Drive-In, and Radiohead, Disalto represents the convergence of raw emotion, polished songwriting and production, and captivating live shows that has proven so successful for those bands. Disalto’s live show, in particular, demonstrates the band’s hardworking, high-energy, emotive style. Pulling in large crowds and captivating them with an engaging set, the band’s numerous and well-attended shows are further proof that Disalto’s brand of songwriting connects with diverse and enthusiastic audiences. In March of 2008, Disalto played it’s first overseas show in Tel Aviv, Israel, and in the summer of 2009 performed select dates on the Van’s Warped Tour.

Disalto is not just the band’s name or an apt metaphor for its burgeoning success; it’s also the band’s creative philosophy. Never content to settle for what’s already been accomplished, Disalto is expanding on its solid musical base and making a name for itself.


Disalto: Brothers Joe and David Friedman (bass and guitar, respectively) formed the core of what would become Disalto with childhood friend Carlos Flores (guitar) in 1999. The band acquired vocalist Dana Cordero in 2004. Oren Halmut completed the lineup a year later when he joined as drummer. Disalto released a self-titled EP in October 2005 and released their first full-length album, Accepting the Sequence, in May 2007. Disalto new album, One Beacon in the Strand, is set for release in June 2010.