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"The Rise of the EP by Jason Moon Wilkins"

DBC’s EP is the recorded debut of Jeremy Lutito and Gabe Ruschival, who have served as rhythm section for a number of other artists and currently play with Trent Dabbs. Their own material favors the peculiar brand of pop that regularly arises from Middle Tennessee. It can’t be classified as power pop because it isn’t nearly navel-gazing enough. Thoroughly well-play`ed, sharply recorded and resolutely prefix-less pop. - Nashville Rage

"EP Review by Caryn Cast"

Prepare yourselves. Introducing to you an EP of songs with a capability of becoming your personal soundtrack. The recent EP release of Disappointed By Candy is a compilation of six equally creative and listener-relatable songs. Having formed the band in April '03, creators Gabe Ruschival and Jeremy Lutito represent a unique style of reminiscent songs with an angle of familiarity. The musical approach of DBC is one of intentional ambiguity, as they do not limit themselves to one particular style. They draw from a quite a wide variety of influences.  You may hear anything from traces of Radiohead in their quirky countermelodies to a Beatlesesque sound in the ballad "Restless Star."

The EP calls for acute listener attention and an itchy repeat button-finger as something new can be derived with each listen. This is not surprising at all, in fact, considering that variation is what DBC stands for.  Gabe and Jeremy, the two permanent members of DBC, thrive off of having different musicians in the band each time they play. DBC has incorporated about ten musicians in the band since its inception. Live shows and studio work all include a different lineup of players, with some more permanent than others. They prefer it this way. While the task of catching a new player up on the music can often be time-consuming, the payoff is far greater in the new ideas that emerge in the composition.
The success of Disappointed By Candy's EP could quite possibly be manifested by their unconventional and offbeat style of creating songs.  Or, it could be attributed to their stylistic uniqueness.  Whichever be the case, it's definitely one to add to your collection.
- Sensored.com

"EP Review"

Making music that’s alternately mopey and melodic, this Nashville duo conjures up British rock groups like Radiohead and Clearlake. The Restless Star is the band’s first release, but with such a palatable yet daring sound, the music world will definitely be hearing more from these guys. - Paste Magazine

"Greeley Tribune Article by Dan England"

Four chords and 10 years ago, two UNC graduates became friends. Now they're living a dream.
As Jeremy Lutito and Gabe Ruschival studied to become serious percussionists, learning how to play classical music in the hopes of one day joining a symphony orchestra, they had to come to terms with one simple truth.
Deep down, even after all that training, they still wanted to rock out.
Eventually, after they graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 1999, they gave up all that serious music. Instead of Bach, Ruschival played bass. Instead of New York, Lutito moved to Nashville. Now, both of them not only have their own rock band, they play as touring musicians for Jars of Clay. They will have a homecoming of sorts when Jars of Clay comes to the Union Colony Civic Center in Greeley for tonight's concert. The guys' band, Disappointed By Candy, will open the show.
"When we saw that Jars of Clay was playing in Greeley, we were already excited," Ruschival said in a phone interview. "But playing with our band, too, is way cool. We've been getting calls from our friends who plan to be there, so that's really exciting."
Ruschival and Lutito are longtime friends who started out in a rock band named Punch Bowl in high school. They weren't really friends until their senior year in high school, when the two were attending Wheat Ridge. The two met as freshmen, when Lutito was tapping on Gabe's drum set and Gabe came by to admonish him for touching his cymbals. They crossed paths again four years later, when Lutito finally gave in to his longtime desire to play the drums and Ruschival overheard him and recruited him to play in the marching band. Lutito, after some soul-searching, quit his job at the golf course and joined. The rock band soon followed, and they went to UNC to study a year later.
Lutito's drum kit gathered dust even during graduate school, when 10 hours of practice a day made him realize he didn't want to play classical music the rest of his life. He moved back home, then got a gig with a friend in Nashville and never looked back. When Matt Odmark's wife came to a show, she was so impressed with Lutito, she told Jars of Clay they should give him an audition (the band has never had a regular drummer, using various musicians to record and tour).
Lutito played on Jars of Clay's latest record, and when it came time to tour, the band needed a bass player.
Lutito had already convinced Ruschival to come down to Nashville and formed the band in 2003, and the two began going to shows and playing. Ruschival had picked up the bass and gotten good in a hurry (he credits his tough classical training for that; it did him some good at least). Lutito pimped Ruschival to Jars of Clay, he auditioned, and soon they were both touring. When the Jars of Clay opportunity came up, they were ready.
"We didn't move to Nashville with this intent," Ruschival said. "We're just lucky it worked out this way."
The two hope the opportunity to open some shows for Jars of Clay as well as play with the band gives their own band a spotlight, maybe even a record deal or a tour of their own.
Lutito still laughs about their first meeting, how Ruschival told him so seriously not to touch his precious drums. But he's glad they met up again their senior year. It's opened the door to chase their shared dream of rocking out for a living.
"We weren't friends until that senior year in marching band," Lutito said. "But 10 years later, we're still playing music together. That's a really, really cool thing." - The Greeley Tribune

"Paste Ten Words Or Less"

Smart, electronic beauty. Not what you'd expect from Nashville. - Paste Magazine


2005 The Restless Star ep
2007 Disappointed By Candy (full length)



The Nashville based Disappointed By Candy was born out of the hearts and minds of two classically trained percussionists, Gabe Ruschival and Jeremy Lutito. Formed in May of 2003 as a raised fist to a long simmering pot of false starts and dead ends in their diverse musical journey, Disappointed By Candy emerged quickly as one of Nashville’s most exciting and promising acts. Their dance inflected beats lay a perfect bed for their engaging melodies and driving guitars. Armed with an energetic and engaging live show that Nashville’s All The RAGE described as “more dynamic and entertaining than ever”, DBC operates as a full-fledged trio, utilizing sampling and programing as they fly around the stage, and at times switching instruments mid-song. In early 2006 DBC went into hiding and immersed themselves in the creative process. Gabe and Jeremy both write songs but like to consider them all co-written in the end. They both have to agree on every musical nuance, every part and lyric before it becomes finalized. Even a fully conceived song will get put through their collaborative process. The result is their new self titled full length debut which released on November 6th, 2007