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Oslo, Oslo County, Norway | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Oslo, Oslo County, Norway | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
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"Disaster In The Universe, Nordic Delight Festival, Utrecht Holland"

"When we walk into the stables the audience feels like being in a tropical atmosphere. The stage of Norwegian band Disaster in the Universe is richly decorated with branches, leaves and fruit. In addition, the microphone stands are transformed into small trees. The band members themselves are striking with neon paint on their hands and faces. Disaster in the Universe exists since 2012 and since then the band has already been able to work with the producer of Empire of the Sun and were the support act of Crystal Fighters. The band has created an exciting unique sound that combines elements of psychedelic rock and synth-filled electronics. It is striking that there are many women in the hall, although more men walking around in general at the festival. It seems like the singer wants to impress them by starting eating a banana halfway through the show, and then dropping the banana onm the floor within a few seconds when he has to play guitar. The catchy feel-good melodies and tropical rhythms make it almost impossible to stand still!" - 3voor12

"Disaster In The Universe, Astra Stube, Hamburg, Germany"

"Last month Hamburg's prestigious Astra Stube hosted a fine bunch of Norwegians and Disaster In The Universe put on one of the most amazing concerts Team Poule ever attended. They transformed the somewhat livingroom-like venue into a tropical jungle paradise: palm trees, leaves, neon colours on their faces. Custom draperies along the monitors and up the walls. Beautiful. And they wore sort of tights with aztec patterns - effortlessly pulling it off in a Kanye West I-can-stand-there-in-a-speedo-and-still-be-looked-at-like-a-fucking-hero-style. Those guys!

And then of course there was the music. Infectious indie pop with an electronic-folk-ish twist. They sport one of those wooden sort of tribal-looking xylophones on stage, not sure what they are called - but loving them. So this is their latest brilliant single Recovering - certainly one of Team Poule's favorites this year." - Poule d'Or

"by:Larm 2013 - Disaster in The Universe - Genious madness!"

(translated from Norwegian) One of by:Larm's major highlights turned out to be the festival's possibly craziest band, Norwegian Disaster in The Universe. The group became known for his highly colorful stage show and antics like fill the kitchen floor with sand to shoot videos, and to fill their stages with so many props and items that they barely fit themselves.

Saturday night they brought the summer to the big stage in the Wimp tent, and it wasn't few people who had thronged in front of the stage to see this circus (2000 people, sold out). Already when the band came bouncing into the scene, it was a great atmosphere, and with its Caribbean-psychedelic indie pop band had the audience in their hand from the first note. The band has gained a strong fanbase even before they've released a single album, it was heavy singing and dancing both on stage and in the audience.

Disaster In The Universe's liveshow is a story itself. With luminous body paint in intricate patterns, psychedelic clothes, large palm trees with coconuts on stage, instruments enveloped in plants, and bananas, the band dances through the concerts. They play happily multiple instruments each, speaks English, Spanish and French interchangeably between songs, and sings in English and French - with the common denominator that is insanely danceable, rhythmic and catchy. They pull up lighters and water bottles to represent the elements, and if the public would struggle to get enough sun during the cold winter months, the band throw out vitamin D pills and bananas from the stage. A perfectly normal day in Disaster In The Universe's Universe.

The entire concert was extremely good and the energy was so high without a single dead-point. For some, Disaster In The Universe is possibly hard to swallow, but this concert was truly a warm breath of summer a cold February evening. One of the absolute highlights of the concert was the song Beach House, which for many was one of last year's big summer hits, and who had high rotation on Norway's radio stations. The crowd sang, the band danced, and the concert went down in history as one of the most successful in Wimp tent at this year's by: Larm! 10/10! - Musikknyheter (Musicnews), Norway


Debut album "Coconut Message", March 14th 2014 (Norway)




Elektropic-psychedelia-rock-calypso-dub-orchestra from Norway

The Norwegian «elektropic-psychedelia-rock-calypso-dub-orchestra» Disaster In The Universe is on everybody’s lips after working with Emipire Of The Sun’s star producer Peter Mayes on their debut album, playing support for Crystal Fighters and getting loads of critical acclaim for their first full lenght release «Coconut Message».

Ross Allen (Island Records UK) and Flora Wong (Dazed Digital) rated Disaster In The Universe to the best concert they saw at the entire Øya Festival!

DITU got ”10/10!” (Musicnews, Norway) for their by:Larm concert in 2013, and their hit-single «Beach House» was A-listed and one of the most played songs for the entire year at several radiostations, including hit radio nrk p3! October 4th they played at Nordic Delight Festival in The Netherlands, getting amazing reception. Now DITU is touring in Germany, and is likely to be one of Norways finest music exports in 2015. THIS IS SOMETHING NEW.

«These guys played one of the best concerts Team Poule ever attended a couple weeks ago. On stage the lads arrange a massive tropical party, palm trees and leaves, glowing neon colours, aztec patterned tights (yes!) and custom draperies. Everything. It’s dreamy perfection.»
- Poule d’Or, Hamburg, Germany.

10/10! «Genius madness!»

«The concert went down in history as one of the most successful at this year’s by:Larm!»
- Musicnews, Norway. 

«The catchy feel-good melodies and tropical rhythms make it almost impossible to stand still!»
3voor12, Holland.  

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