Disaster Kit

Disaster Kit

 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

We love all types of music. Each of us has our own style of music that we like and try to bring it together. What do you get? A Disaster Kit. A band that plays whatever is flowing out.


Formed in January of 2008, Disaster Kit came together as the result of five UH Manoa students (four of them music majors) who had a little free time and way too many instruments at their disposal. After months of writing, practicing, and eating at the Costco food court, Disaster Kit performed their first live gig in the fall of 2008 and have been continuing to play for their growing fan base ever since. Combining an eclectic mix of influences ranging from Bright Eyes to Bach with the diverse musical experiences of its five members, every Disaster Kit show is a unique and memorable listening experience.

"Their playful antics onstage and ridiculous knowledge of music theory make them a crowd favorite all the while carving their names in stone as one of the island’s most unique bands."
Raul Soria, awakenthemosh.com


White Dress

Written By: Gabriel Reyes-Gomez

You stood there cute
With your eyes upon me
In your pretty white dress
it was so hard for me
to lay forward some words
to construct a sentance
my heart skipped a beat
now i stand in regret for not saying anything to you
What am I saying? Not anything to you. Oh what a fool

I forced out words
just enough to get by
conversation lit up
"who are you? who am I"
we both asked eachother
oh a line of questions
girl this time when you leave and i see you again
i'll be saying anything to you.
how i'm praying to say anything to you
oh i will soon.

There you are again
But my lips wont make a move.
What am I saying? Not anything to you.
You're beauty's got me frozen
legs of stone, my eyes on you.
you're smile makes it easier
"hello again. how do you do?"

Cold Hearted

Written By: Gabriel Reyes-Gomez

Oh bastard child mexican.
Grow up and leave this poor land for America.
Make your way through the mountain,
Get caught and try it again, it's the same routine.

Oh their cold hearted.
Oh their cold hearted my dear friend. my dear friend.

Oh bastard child american, grow up and resent this land, this America.
Your high school education is no good here. We've hired cheap labor. Yes a Mexican.

Oh their cold hearted.
Oh their cold hearted my dear friend. My dear friend.

Who's to blame? Where to point? Look at the man who's sitting in the big chair.

Don't you point at each working man. They were dealt a hand and their trying their hardest to play it out.
(Clairnet/hand solo)

Tell me lately. Where do we draw the line?


Disaster Kit Demo :
1.Show Me
2.White Dress
3.Cold Hearted