Discard The Body

Discard The Body

 Alexandria, Indiana, USA

We are a horror based metal band kinda like anthrax lamb of god iron madien just to name a few. every year seems to be nicer to us. most all of the band members are former members of MG-42


Discard The Body is an up-and-coming, horror-based, metal band from Muncie, In., formed in mid-2008. Founding members Steve walker (formerly of MG-42), Sammy Evans (formerly of MG-42), and brothers Dan and Dave Foley, were just a group of friends with some spare time who watched too many horror movies and wanted to make some face-smashing, bone-grinding, in-your-face metal that nightmares are made of. So far, so good! As of now (March 2010) things are really starting to move fast for us. Thanks to the support of our family's, friends, and ever-growing fan-base, we've been able to spread the zombie-creating infection that is Discard the Body to the masses. We've recorded and released 2 albums, are in the middle of recording our 3rd, and we now have t-shirts available. We're always looking and ready to play more shows! If you are booking let us know! Our first self-titled, 8 song album is available for $5 and our second album, "To the Graves", with 13 blood-curdling tracks is available for $8. Our t-shirts (black with our white logo on the front) are available in sizes Medium, Large, and X-Large for $15. We will have pictures of all of our merch up on the page soon and everything is available at our shows. We also offer package deals on all merch if you come to our shows!!! We are working on getting some sort of pay-pal up and running for online purchases and we're looking into a few local stores to carry all our merchandise. Until then, if you wish to purchase something by mail or in person, send us an e-mail and we'll get back with you asap to figure something out. Thanks again to everyone for stopping by and checking us out and for all of your support! We're looking forward to seeing you all at our next show! ~DTB~


We have self relesed three albums, 2009 The first album was self titled, 2010 our second album is called to the graves. 2011 our newest album is called still places for dark shadows. All of our albums are played on www.asgardradio.com

Set List

We have three albums and over 50 tracks. if you have interest in a specific track let us know.