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"Discard the Weak"

We heard WAJA was calling it quits… and we reported in our April issue that Kwik Buddha was no more. In what I call the Coat Hanger Phenomenon (band members never go away, they just multiply and recycle into other bands), vocalist Derek (Kwik Buddha) has joined former members of WAJA, in a band now called Discard The Weak. At the recent Sluggfest, the band began their set as WAJA… then morphed into Discard The Weak. According to their drummer, Greg, “the response to the new sound has been incredible.”

- Harder Beat Magazine

"WAJA - No Joke!!!"

WAJA – No joke
By Mark Beneventi

“What the hell does WAJA mean?” It’s an understandable query and one the band gets frequently. Attend one of their shows and you’ll know: We Ain’t Jokin’ Around!

Since their inception in 2000, that hasn’t always been the case. With smoke bellowing from eight-foot tall bongs and a singer inhaling multiple shots and beers, the seriousness of their music was often overlooked. “With Eric (the bands recently released singer),” Greg (drummer) begins, carefully, “We were much more of a party band. A frat house band.” That was perfect for some cities and venues, but the band learned the limits of such a reputation. “We’re much more serious about our music now,” he continues. “We still have a good time, don’t get me wrong. But we make sure the show is professional, no mistakes.”

Along with this new attitude comes a new sound. Scott (guitar) has taken on the task of lead vocal and his voice helped force and forge the new direction. He doesn’t do the metal scream of WAJA past. He carries notes and annunciates the lyrics, making them… understandable. “It was tough at first,” he says, of the added burden. “But you get used to it pretty quickly. My main concern was not to take away from the playing while I was singing. I see that a lot.” Rest assured, he hasn’t cut one corner of his razor sharp licks.

Adding bassist Don last year may have been a key steppingstone toward change. With a multi-faceted background and family lineage that includes a jazz drumming father, he fit perfectly into a seriously skilled unit. “I’d played different instruments as a kid,” he informs. “But the minute I saw Steve Harris (Iron Maiden bassist) a light went off. That was it!” Scott and Greg are both well acquainted with instruments other than their own and both have musician parents currently in bands as well.

A big concern for any band that makes a change is losing its audience. That hasn’t been a problem for WAJA. “For every fan we lose, we seem to get two or three more!” Steve says. “We’re getting friend requests every day on MySpace.” Much of that can be attributed to the more accessible style of music. While occasionally heavy enough to head bang to, WAJA now leans much more toward a stoner-prog mix that even college kids would tune in for. The guys list Incubus, Dreamtheater, Rush, and Sevendust among their influences.

One spin of their new CD Slacker I.C. reveals the fresh perspective of these local mainstays. “We took out some of the real odd [time signatures] so the songs are easier to get into,” informs Scott, referring to the bands penchant for intricate timing and breaks – many that only confused the wanting crowds. “We’ve sold a lot so far,” says Don. “Most people seem to like the new sound.” The final verdict may not be in, but the evidence is mounting: the new WAJA is deadly serious.
- Harder Beat

"DTW invades Kilgore"

This night at the Side Pocket in Kilgore featured a nice surprise. Originally featuring the line-up of Debri, Negative 263, and My Plastic Friends, the guys from Discard The Weak showed up and decided to take the stage. Credit should be given to Wendy (the Side Pocket owner) and MPF for allowing DTW to open the show after their previous show of the day met with misfortune. The guys got the show off to a great start, with tight rhythms and plenty of groove to spare. Derek's vocals add a lot of dynamic to the "band formerly known as Waja". I would compare his vocals to a mix of Machinehead's Robert Flynn meets Randy Blythe. Highlights of their set included "Junkie" and "Say The Word." The music featured a bit of a progressive twist on groove metal, which was very pleasing to the ears and great for a pit. - BrokenKeith @ DFW Xtreme

"Band of the Year"

Radio 81X Awards 2006

best new band of 2006
what can I say? awesome new stuff!!

Chris Nite & J.R. Ewing of the Friday night double - Radio 81X Awards 2006


"Say The Word" (2006) Discard The Weak



The band Discard The Weak is a culmination of artists from all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This group of musicians has come together with one common goal in mind; put on a high-energy stage show while still maintaining the musical integrity and artistry that is necessary to be a professional project. Greg playing drums, Don on bass, Derek with his vocals, and Scott on the guitar are all dedicated to this idea. With an eclectic blend of musical influences to draw from, Discard The Weak has recorded and performed a style of music that is all their own.
With an exciting stage show, and music that is inventive and fresh, you will leave a Discard The Weak performance feeling completely entertained.