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Our band has a huge focus on lyrics, as we feel the lyrics in the songs give off a huge vibe of the music you write.

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Do You Remember

Written By: Bailey Siegel

I Remember living summer nights
Just lying in my bed
You made me those moving mixtapes
Thats when I let you get in my head

And now I'm standing before the ocean
Screaming out your name
Remembering when all of this
Wasn't such a game

I remember walking in the heat
And boardwalk lights at night
So baby don't leave, just take a seat
I think we can make this right

I remember driving way too fast
The music way too loud
We thought forever we would last
Thought you would make me proud

But then you left here, went far away
Your plane took off at nine
If only you stayed, just one more day
In know deep down we'd be fine

So get back on that plane, rewind this all
We need to go back in time
Before you let go and let me fall
Now I'm stuck here writing your rhyme.

So this is it, I'll say goodbye
I hope some day you know
That I will love you until I die
I didn't mean to let this go...