Dischordia harmonia

Dischordia harmonia

 Ely, England, GBR

dark and atmopaheric live "neo-classical indrustial jungle".


hi, my artist/band name is dischordia harmonia.
i write and produce a fusion between electonic and live music, it is a dark and atmospheric blend of rock/industrial, idm/jungle and classical.
in my recorded tunes i sample some drums, and more recently record most of the drums live on a midi drum kit.
the music has live viola,guitar and vocals, and the bass and synths are recorded on midi keyboards. live i play the drums and either mix on laptop and/or get musicians to play the parts live too.


i have not released and album yet,
my unreleased albums that i hope to release
are called
Dischordia Harmonia
and The hiest (in progress)