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"Daniel Dark-Soldier's Home"

Soldiers Home is a collection of songs that, being a very personal work of the writer, represent the darker side of human experience. The art rock musician Daniel Dark is a talented musical mind and lyricist, whose long experience in the North-Western Seattle and Bellingham scenes can be heard melodically, rhythmically, lyrically.

One is either into or outsider to the alternative scene, and this is the only thing I find to possibly harm the fine thoughts on this record.

Recommended if Alice in Chains, Tool, Pink Floyd and System of a Down are amongst your musical interests. - Power of Metal Webzine

"Detrivores, Disciple of Disarray, and Within Negative"

The Disciples of Disarray came up next. There was an immediate jump in pure spectacle. Front man Danny Dark demanded attention, and he deserved it. He was all over the stage, his fingers flying up and down the guitar and his powerful voice was simultaneously haunting and brawny. D.O.D. is sludge metal. Their set was tight, brief, and wrapped around Dark’s voice as its torrid core.
-Melanie Merz - Whats Up! Bellingham, Wa

"Daniel Dark and Disciple of Disarray"

Soldiers Home is a heavy, 7- song, hard rock album with driving grooves. The album could best be described as a mix of Alice in Chains, Ozzy, Stone Temple Pilots, and a dash of Pink Floyd, depending on the song.

The band is tight with multiple harmonic layers in the songs. This complexity adds interest in a genre that has been expanded to that of a lumbering forest giant. The majority of the songs have haunting vocal harmonies, a nice touch that really fills out the music. The bass has very good tone and is solid. It doesn’t just follow the root, it adds and weaves the music. The guitar work is full of layered, thick, aunch that begs to be ‘turned up.’ Drums on this album are tight and not overplayed. I found myself humming the guitar melody of “Tanaka,” very catchy riff.

In a genre that is difficult to stand out with original music, Daniel Dark gets pinned to the influences listed above. For example, the first track “Experimental Opening” sounds like the 13th track to Alice in Chain’s 1995 self titled album. All the tracks on this CD are excellent songs, and original by definition. But the similarity to other artists makes us beg for a bit more mesh to create something more original.

With catchy melodies and driving power, this album begs to be cranked. It’s a good mix of hard rock music played by skilled musicians.

- Whats Up! Bellingham, Wa

"October 26th: Disciples of Disarray"

Disciples of Disarray features the songwriting and vocals of Daniel Dark. The group has a hard-edged sound with angst driven lyrics. Looking at the world from the dark side, the Disciples of Disarray face the challege with enthusiasm and good fun. - KISM FM

"DOD is serious Dark"

Disciples of Disarray

From the very first notes of a DOD song you know you're going to hear dark. This is serious dark. It's not feeling-snubbed-in-middle-school-study-hall dark. This is adult dark. This is the kind of dark that comes from years of lousy jobs, disappointing relationships and failed friendships. It's dark that's been seasoned like fine wine. A dark that's developed into an impenetrable shroud of depression protecting a nerve that's exposed, raw, and bleeding.

DOD weaves this shroud with threads of strong guitar, possessive bass and responsive drums. The vocals are laid on top of this fabric like a stark appliqué.

The songs articulate no ordinary feeling of futility. These songs tell of a futility that's permanent, strong and beyond a siege of any length. This is the type of futility that can whip Superman, Batman and The Hulk before breakfast and have enough left over to take on the Dalai Lama in the afternoon.

DOD works hard on their music. Their compositions and arrangements show care, taste and commitment. They want their music listened to and perform it to reach an audience. Their sound is somewhere between the guitars of Deep Purple, the vocals of Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd at its most melodic.

Larry Roszkowiak
larryroszkowiak.com - Lawrence Roszkowiak


Soldiers Home LP
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Daniel Dark
Disciple of Disarray

Soldiers home, the new release from Daniel Dark, is a collection of songs that represent the darker side of human experience. The songs were written during a time of isolation in which the writer contemplated ideas such as war, depression, loss of trust, and the inner struggle of human existence. Coming from an art rock background, Daniel strove to write songs that would be interesting melodically, rhythmically and lyrically, while being unpretentious and accessible to a wide audience. One can hear shades of Black Sabbath, System of a Down, and Tool in the heavier songs, while the ballads are reminiscent of Pink Floyd. All the tracking was done at the Toy Box studio in the Fremont area of Seattle. The drum tracks were laid to a click by producer/engineer/drummer Mike Stone, guitars and vocals then added by Daniel Dark. Bassist Phil Kalasz flew in from Florida to record all the basses. Tracks mixed by Daniel Dark and Mike Stone, and mastered by Brian Nelson of Elliot Bay Recording. CD is on Dark’s label, Dark Arts Records, and is currently distributed by CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, and Napster.

Daniel Dark:
Long time resident of Washington state, Daniel played in the Seattle based art rock band Scallywags from 1988-1998. During this time, Scallywags played most of the Seattle venues of that period including Rock Candy, Crocodile Cafe, OK Hotel, Doc Maynards, Moe’s, Velvet Elvis, The Vogue, The Colourbox, Doc Maynards and The Ditto. The Scallywags also toured as far south as Eugene, Playing Eugene’s John Henry’s and Portlands, Satyricon, and as far east as Colorado, playing Denver’s Lions Lair and Blue Bird Theatre, as well as Vail, Aspen, and venues in Fort Collins. In 1995, Scallywags played in Casper, Wyoming with Pearl Jam and Bad Religion, the first Pearl Jam show after the whole Ticketmaster scandal. In 1998 Daniel decided to change directions and gave up Scallywags to become a public school music teacher. Soldiers Home is his first recording since the second Scallywags CD of 1998, Dog and Pony show, on Newby records.

Mike Stone:
Long time fixture of the Seattle music scene, Mike Stone has played in many bands including Wayne Horvitz’s Pigpen, Peter Bucks Tuatara, Devilhead, Suicide Jack, and The Black Vinyl all Stars . He currently teaches at the Seattle Drum School and continues to do studio and live work.

Phil Kalasz:
Has most of his musical roots in the Miami music scene playing with folk rock act In House. He has played many large music festivals there with the likes of Ziggy Marley and Fleetwood Mac.

Disciple is currently looking for bookings to promote Soldiers Home and to hone their newer material as they look towards entering the studio in the Fall of 2008. Booking inquiries can be directed to Daniel Dark at

or via

Thanks you for your consideration, I hope to work with you in the near future.