Disciples of Groove

Disciples of Groove

 Vineland, New Jersey, USA

Disciples of Groove is feel good progressive funk rock with saxophone! An eclectic mix of well crafted songs with tight, technical musicianship will steer you away from the "norm" but still get you to sing and dance along by the time you reach the second chorus.


Disciples of Groove are one of the most unique unsigned bands in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area, innovators of the style they affectionately call Progressive Funk-Rock. They always provide an energetic live show with excellent musicianship and strong melodic hooks that inspire music lovers of all ages. Friends since childhood, they self produced their EP in 2005 and are currently working on a second CD.

Disciples of Groove has performed at some of the area's biggest venues, including Six Flags Great Adventure, the TLA, The World Cafe Live (main stage), the Trocadero (main stage) and the Commerce Bank Amphitheater. Disciples of Groove were showcase acts at the Dewey Beach Music Conference, the Millenium Music Conference, the first annual Dewey Beach JamFest, and the Y100 South Street Music Series, as well as being a featured artist on 88.5 WXPN.

Our goal right now is to get hooked up with the college circuit and the festival scene! Check out our Promo EPK video live at the Trocadero in Philly. The ending is a MUST SEE!

Here's what people in the industry have to say:

"Philadelphia has long been home to a musical stew that combines ingredients ranging from jazz to phunk to hiphop to reggae to jambands - Disciples of Groove are the latest to add their own pinch of spice to that simmering pot. Picking up the ball from G.Love, Fathead, Townhall, and others, DoG are working on becoming the latest and greatest Philly export."

Jim McGuinn

"Here's a band I saw at the Brotherly Shove Fest--excellent musicians--it was an awesome set. They're called Disciples of Groove, and a groove it is, man... Diggin' this noise? I am."

Paul Jaxon
93.3 WMMR - Philadelphia, PA

"...We then headed to the Appalachian Brewing Company for the latter part of their showcase, starting with New Jersey's Disciples Of Groove. This band was jaw-dropping good; their musicianship was amazing! Bassist Rob Smith, drummer David Gardner, singer/guitarist Dan Jost and saxophonist Matt Totora incorporated varying styles and tempos into their brand of progressive funk rock, crafting catchy and mesmerizing grooves and melodies."

Jim Price
Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

"It's exciting and electric, funky and eccentric. The directions of these Disciples will pull listeners into an aural tug-of-war with funk and rock. While this combination is no second-coming of the wheel, these musicians have laced their flavor with fatty punches and natural orchestration. Top-notch musicianship all around- and with the gift to not overplay. Vocally they're working with the crisp 70's innocence of 1-inch tape and no effects."

Anthony Caroto
Origivation Magazine

"Basically, they (Disciples of Groove) make sure to cover all facets to appease your musical preference so it's almost impossible to find something you don't like in each and every one of their songs...So don't fret if you're brainwashed by commercial radio...be in any musical mood you wish, Disciples of Groove will hit that taste bud and get your booty shakin'."

Iris Karasick

"I know the Disciples of Groove will have a solid future because they have a great respect for their past."

Legendary Producer/Engineer, Jim Tullio

"Digging the new tunes! Dan is still my favorite rock star!"

Joey Mahoney


Like The Way

Written By: Dan Jost

Verse One:

So you don't like the way I choose to use my time?
Lately I've been off my mind
Stand trial every day
Like the way I always hear you say
Get in line
Work it out
Learn to laugh my life is not a
Waste of time
It's pleasantly divine


Disappointed by the outcome
Of your world
Kept it safe, secure
You're tired and afraid
Frustrated with the choice you made
Out of spite

Verse Two:

So you don't like the way you chose to live your life?
Falling for the paradigm
Skip trial every day
Like the way I never hear you say
Use your time
Take a chance
My defense it's not a crime to
Lose the line and
Leave it all behind



Now you leave
And I don't think I'll get to sleep tonight
Too late
There's too much on my mind I've got to write
All alone
Who could this be on my telephone?
I don't know
And I don't think I'll get to sleep tonight
Too late
There's too much on my mind I've got to write
All alone
And I don't think I'll get to sleep tonight

Silver Screen

Written By: Dan Jost

Verse One:

Why does it matter?
One of these days I'm gonna leave
I can't wait to show you
My smiling face on the silver screen but now
A scrambled connection
I'm waiting for something to appear
Whatever it is I hope it's clear


Suddenly I found that
I'm the only one
Stuck inside this story but
It's already done
I swore I'd never leave you
I couldn't if I tried
Well it's time to stop this story then
Fast forward with my life

Verse Two:

Fake any story
Do what you can to gain my trust
Your ending was boring and
Now I see what you did is just because
Every morning
Tranquility stolen
It's on me
To turn this rerun off and
Let it be



Our dialog keeps playing back inside of my head
Don't know why I sought this story
I recall everything you said
A faded picture
Of this scripture
All the pages are yellow and torn
Say your subscription is of contrition
And maybe then I'll come back for more



Without any warning
Got what I wanted since age thirteen
Can't wait to show you
My smiling face on the silver screen

So You Can See

Written By: Dan Jost

Verse One:

You say I lack direction
Well you're dead wrong
My compass isn't broken
I know where I'm going
You say I lost my way
That I'll never see my sunny day
Lost my levity
Forfeit inside the fray
So if I want to fly
Sing my songs every day
Would you try to shoot me down to
Take those dreams away?

Chorus One:

Waste your breath on me
So you can see
How it's clouding
Your credibility
Save your breath for me
So you can see
That I'm tired


Go walk out that door
You can't lie to me anymore
So much is left in store

Verse Two:

If I knew what I know now
I would've found a way somehow
To save myself the grief you gave
No cue
Leave you hapless without a clue
To hell with your point of view
Broken promises are made
And would you want to fly?
Sing your songs every day
And would I try to shoot you down
To take those dreams away?

Chorus Two:

Waste your breath on me
So you can see that I'm tired
Of your negativity
Save your breath for me
So you can see
That I'm trying

Verse Three:

You got me all figured out?
You got something to say?
Tell tall tales behind my back
Too scared to say them to my face
You want to separate?
You'd love to be in my lane
I'll leave you coughing in a clouded view of fame

Chorus Three:

Waste your breath on me
So you can see that I'm trying
Only to succeed
Have some faith in me
So you can see
That I'm flying


Go walk out that door
You can't lie to me anymore
So much is left in store
All those times I tried
To get you to fight by my side
You lost your loyalty now you can't see
So shut the door tight
I know you won't put up a fight
You've been leeching off my light too long
My light will not go out
I'm sure yours will without a doubt
Unless a route is found for you to see


Written By: Dan Jost, Rob Smith

Verse One:
Our chemistry
It baffles me
One minute we can click
The next she’s on a
killing spree
She tries to send me on a trip of guilt
On what ground is this relationship built?
My words of wisdom are
seldom taken
When she says she loves me
Id better know she’s fakin
Emotions keep on changin like the tides in the ocean
(Baby its that time of the month!)
Aww, its happenin too often!

Pre Chorus One:
Now I don’t know much
about her
Probably cuz I don’t care
But our formulas don’t balance out
I cant fix em cuz she wont share
Now I’m searchin
for salvation
A girl to complement my needs
Cuz a romance just wont last too long without a balanced chemistry!

Chorus One:
I’m takin off now, baby
Don’t try to follow me
There aint no room
I’ve got new paths lyin ahead
Don’t try to call me...
Ill call you instead! (Hah!)

Verse Two:
Her philosophy is to
control me
I gotta end my slavery from her idiocy
She took too much
More than I had
I can’t believe I let her redesign my pad! (Dude!)
Pushin my patience, throwin me nonsense
She even interrupts me when I
(Try and make a sentence?)
Grrr, see what I mean?
It’s gone on too long!
Now this is the point of my breakup song

Pre Chorus Two:
Now I’m not tryin to
change her...
She can act as silly as she wants to be
But this bulls been here since creation
Even Adam had some beef
with Eve!
Now I’m searchin
for salvation
A girl to complement my needs
Cuz a romance just won’t last too long
Without a balanced chemistry!
(Whassup Rob!?)

Chorus Two:
I’m takin off now, baby
Don’t try to follow me
There aint no room
Everything’s gonna be fine
Take a number from the desk
Get in the back of the line! (Ho!)


2006 Demo - Available right here on Sonicbids!

1. Like the Way
2. Silver Screen
3. So You Can See

2005 Self Titled EP - All available for streaming!

1. Chemistry
2. Company Policy
3. So What's it all About?
4. Hologram
5. Syllabus
6. Take a Dive
7. Too Steep to Step

www.purevolume.com/disciplesofgroove and www.cdbaby.com/disciplesofgroove

Also check us out on Myspace at:

To our knowledge, Disciples of Groove has been featured and promoted on the following radio stations/Podcasts:

Radio Stations:

88.5 XPN
93.3 WMMR
102.7 WJSE
Wired 96.5FM
Penrith, Australia

College Radio:

Rowan U
Drexel U
Texas State U
Illinois U
Indiana U
Lehigh U

Podcasts and Internet Radio:

Jaxon's (of 93.3 WMMR) Local Shots
Jim Thorpe's Always Found Underground
Random Acts of Funk

Set List

Typical set lists are usually 30 mins to 45 mins. We have enough material to cover roughly 3-4 hours, so we are comfortable playing long events such as parties, festivals, and other miscellaneous private events. A normal set contains all originals while sometimes we pepper it up with a fun cover or medley that gets the crowd going, like The Simpsons, James Bond Theme, etc.

Current Original Songs:

40 Winks
A Stranger's Advice
Beg To Differ
Big Disappointment
Company Policy
Feed Me A Line
Had Enough
Like The Way
Silver Screen
So What's It All About?
So You Can See
Take A Dive
Too Steep To Step

Generally, the covers we play are from our favorite bands ranging anywhere from the 60's - current.

Current Cover List:

Aeroplane - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Suck My Kiss - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Love Roller Coaster - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Soul To Squeeze - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Azwethinkweiz - Incubus
Hilikus - Incubus
Are You In