Honest punk rock, heavily influenced by Rancid and Social Distortion among a variety of other bands. Disclosure fights against the idea that "punk" bands can barely play their instruments, and constantly pushes the envelope with new ideas and direction.


Disclosure is a DIY Punk band from the small town of Berkeley Springs, WV. They are
extremely dedicated to writing, recording, and performing honest music without commercial intentions. Every
dollar they make from shows (if any) is recycled right back into buying more merch or paying for gas or tolls.
In the past 3 years they have released 3 albums, have been part of an east coast distributed compilation,
performed in 7 states, went on 3 self-booked tours, and played over 75 shows. They have an upcoming full
East Coast tour scheduled for July/August 2010 and they have no plans of slowing down.


Born Too Late (2009)
Generation in Crisis (2008)
Going Nowhere (2006)

Set List

30-60 minute set, usually with one to two covers.