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"The Disco Balls Kick It At Suburbia"

What can you say about a band called Disco Balls? The word ‘disco’ takes you to flashy lights, tight outfits and a dance floor. And then, there is also the word ‘balls,’ which, let’s face it, gives some food for thought due to its double connotation.
In fact, their complete stage name is The Disco Balls Project, and they are nothing like I could have imagined just by hearing their name. It’s three guys- Alexei (synth / sampler), Mizdan (bass guitar / synth) and Kirodian (drums / percussion)- making electronic drum& bass music. Music for whacking your brains out on a Friday night when you are free from the rigors of work at the office and want to lose yourself in the semi- darkness of a club. To quote their description on their myspace page, “in the early 2008, three citizens with no military education decided to get in the front line of the electronic war.”
The gig they threw at Suburbia club was no war but it sure felt like after being in one at its close: tired and spent. It began when nobody was expecting anything out of the evening anymore.
Since it was delayed for three hours, there were many who were contemplating calling it a night (myself included). It appears that the only “fresh” people in the room were the band in question, who were late to start (through no fault of their own) and equally late to finish. By the time the show ended, there were few still standing but they were all rewarded for their patience, or should we call it stuborness, of not giving up in front of last-minute obstacles- such as technical issues, a far from numerous crowd (many of them turned up later) and Mizdan’s nagging toothache. Personally, when it was all over, I had the feeling I had been running in a marathon and I crossed the finish line on my last legs, but boy, it was a rewarding experience! - http://spinearth.tv/report/the-disco-balls-kick-it-at-suburbia

"They are The Discoballs"

"Please don't ask us why we're called Discoballs , then we will be forced to explain why "balls" , because everybody knows why "disco"..."

Rest of the text in Romanian language. - Sunete ("Sounds")

"Sonic Bombardment"

- Text in romanian - - Elle Magasine


DEMO - 2009



Discoballs is a Bucharest (Romania) based band formed in the late 2008. It's genres vary from liquid funk, dance-punk, electronica to D'n'B.
Discoballs are now better known in the Romanian underground scene for their energetic live shows, with live band setup and advanced visual displays.
Discoballs has played at major local festivals and had over 30 club gigs.