Disco Curtis

Disco Curtis


Disco Curtis is a pop/rock band with an edge. We produce catchy songs with relatable and heartfelt lyrics, allowing the listener to enjoy the musicality while connecting on a deeper level. Our music pleases a broad spectrum of listeners and we constantly strive to create new music that our fans love


Deep in the heart of Dallas, Texas, Disco Curtis blossomed in August of 2008. Singer/songwriter Tanner Howe began writing the singles "Breaking Hearts" and "Surprise Me" in early 2008 from personal experiences, with hopes of creating music that people can relate to. Accompanied by long-time friends and musicians, AJ Novak and Garrett Perales, the trio entered the studio to work with producer Geoff Rockwell (Forever The Sickest Kids). Writing songs and performing together was an easy process since the three had been playing music together since the fourth grade. Together, with A.J.'s rhythmic creativity and Garrett's intricate guitar riffs, the trio collaborated their diverse ideas and released 3 studio demos, "Breaking Hearts", "Surprise Me", and "Incendiary Devices". To complete their live show, Disco Curtis added 16 year-old Brendan Barone to the band. With his great sense of rhythm and groove on the bass guitar, as well as strong back up vocals, Barone added to the band exactly what they needed. Now with the full line up of four devoted, hardworking members fresh out of high school, Disco Curtis was ready to take on the world. Buzz began to generate in the north Texas scene as more people began to listen and watch the band grow. In the last quarter of 2009, DC will be releasing their first EP “Play with Fire, Get Burned.” The CD will have a few familiar tracks, including their new single “Ashley,” as well as three new songs. Each song posesses a sense of realism and their catchy, edgy, heartbroken love songs are sure to captivate listeners and bring life to music. With that said, Disco Curtis hopes that their music will become a part of your life. With a desire to build bonds with fans and break down the wall between the artist and the listener, be expecting Disco Curtis in your town soon. Disco Curtis plans to tour during the Fall all over the U.S. after they film their music video for “Ashley.” Let the music enter your life and allow your ears to be opened to Disco Curtis.


EP: 'Play With Fire Get Burned'
Release: Sept 26, 2009

Single: 'Surprise Me'
Received radio play on 96x in Virginia Beach. Also radio play in Houston TX, Dallas TX, and Santa Rosa CA.

Other Singles:
'Breaking Hearts'

Other Releases:
'Just Dance' [Lady Gaga Cover]
'Incendiary Devices'

Set List

Set List: approx 30 mins
1) Hard Times and Pick Up Lines
2) Surprise Me
3) Alone and Loving It
4) Just Dance (Lady Gaga Cover)
5) The Things I Would Tell Her
6) Breaking Hearts
7) Ashley