Disco Damage

Disco Damage


Current and cracking, ground shaking Boogie Electro Indie turntablism with fresh and ingenious Vocals and a Surprise. *Disco Damage* have collaborated and performed aside top DJ's/Artist such as, SAM SPARRO, MUZIKJUNKI, EELKI KLEIJN, PETER GELDERBLOM, NILS NOA and CHICKS ON SPEED.


Laura Fares (Damage) moved to the U.K. 9 years ago from Buenos Aires and finished her Popular Music Degree at the London College of Music & Media in London in 2005.

Laura’s extensive experience as a drummer has taken her on tour around various parts of the world, including Europe and America, playing with different bands such as Ricky Martin, Sam Sparro, Eros Ramazzotti, Pete Bennett (Winner Big Brother 7), Jont, The Future Shape Of Sound, NY Loose, David Lowe’s Dreamcatcher, Justin Stones, Gary Phelan (Fame Academy), Tense and Hadar.

Also a Writer and Producer she has been inspired by The New Wave of music, electronic Beats and brakes and since 2002 has been producing her own style of music in her home studio in North London….

Kristin Neely (Disco) moved to London from his original home town of Belfast 10 years ago, leaving behind 4 years experience as an actor, working professionally for Channel 4, BBC, UTV with experience on stage, screen and radio, to live a bohemian life-style in London, dancing in the night clubs. He took inspiration from the real sounds heard on those dirty dance floor’s and learnt what Disco Damage really was!

Kristin later worked as a Fashion Assistant for top men’s fashion magazine Arena Homme Plus. Captured by popular culture, he continuously wrote poetry and songs.

Fortunately Kristin and Laura met by chance on one of those dirty dance floors during the Winter of 2007 and after a second chance meeting, Laura sent him an MP3 of a new beat by e-mail, Kristin felt inspired by Laura’s beat, and with Words and Music together Kristin Disco and Laura Damage married their talents, giving birth to the band we know today as …

***Disco Damage***


"London Is Banging", Groovecollection, 31-12-07

"Slow Down", Deep, 11-02-08

Our tracks have been played on the radio in the UK, Holland, Brazil, France and US (that we know off)

Set List

Cocktail Cunt (Neely/Fares)

Playstation Generation (Neely/Fares)

West end Love (Neely/Fares)

I Hate My life (Neely/Fares)

London is Bangin' (Neely/Fares/Morris/Morris)

Bosh it (Neely/Fares)

All our work on our current live set list is Original and written, produced and performed by us apart from London is banging written and produced with Morris & Morris.

This Typical Set list is Approx 35mins.