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The best kept secret in music


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Black Euro -single
(8/2005 Fullsteam Records)
1. Black Euro
2. Zombies (live at Klubi, Turku)
3.Drop Dead, Casanova (live at Klubi, Turku)
4. Fresh New Blood (live at Klubi, Turku)
5. Human Cannonball (live at Klubi, Turku)
6. Black Euro (VIDEO)

First Aid Kit -cd
(2/2005 Fullsteam Records)
1. This Is My Head Exploding
2. We Might Fall Apart
3. Drop Dead, Casanova
4. Human Cannonball
5. Black Euro
6. First Aid Kit
7. Fresh New Blood
8. See If I Care
9. So Long, Sisters
10. You Are The Dawn
11. Sleep On The Wheel

We Might Fall Apart -single
(1/2005 Fullsteam Records)
1. We Might Fall Apart
2. Eyes Of A Ghost

Videotapes -single
(5/2004 Fullsteam Records)
2. Turpentine
3. The Jack Frost Morning
4. Slingshot Rocks
5. Envelope
6. Antibiotics
7. Dynamite Days (live)
8. Mantra (live)
9. Jules Verne(live)
10. Videotapes(live)

Viper Etchics -cd
(9/2003 Fullsteam Records)
1. Dynamite Days
2. Zombies
3. In Neon
4. Videotapes
5. Masquerade
6. Mantra
7. Secret Society
8. Cynic
9. Invisible Ink
10. Skeleton Key
11. Sink Your Teeth In

Mantra -single
(8/2003 Fullsteam Records)
1. Mantra
2. Mud Platoon

Transatlantic -single
(5/2003 Fullsteam Records)
1. Transatlantic
2. Skeleton Key
3. Jules Verne

Turpentine -single
(10/2002 GB Fam Records)
1. Turpentine
2. Turpentine (Jonny Bro remix)
3. Turpentine Live Video (CD-Rom)

Ghosttown Effect -cdep
(8/2001 TreCords)
1. Turpentine
2. The Jack Frost Morning
3. Slingshot Rocks
4. Envelope
5. Antibiotics

Memory Three Sec -cdep
(8/2000 Suck Norris Records)
1. Alive
2. Hyperventilation
3. Heat
4. Miss Universal
5. The Day The Sky Falls Down


Feeling a bit camera shy


It's time for a new musical revolution. It's time for an injection of urgency and vitality back into punk rock 'n' rollÉ ladies and gentleman, it's time for Disco Ensemble.

The word is truly out on Finland's best-kept secret and there isn't a hint of the goth or doom rock that the country is renowned for breeding in sight.

Indeed "First Aid Kit" the band's second release is an album that positively reeks of four youngsters on a mission to create music that's vibrant and over-flowing with essential punk rock dirt. It is in turns anthemic, wonderfully melodic and downright exhilarating! Recorded at Fascination Street Studio in …rebro, Sweden (Millencolin, Katatonia, Soilwork) under producer Jens Bogren's tight supervision, bringing in Hives producer Pelle Gunnerfeldt to re-record four songs has only added to this vibe.

According to vocalist Miikka Koivisto 'First Aid Kit' takes a bit of a lyrical stand. It strives to overcome negativity through positivity.

"I think lyrically, it is about not looking back, it's about surviving; trying to cope with stuff that happens in the world and in your personal life - the lyrics are about battling those things in any way you can," explains the singer. "The good thing about singing about negative stuff is putting those destructive feelings into something creative, and I think listeners should be able to forget their negative feelings while listening to our music too. Music is, after all, probably the best therapy there is for anything."

Disco Ensemble were spawned from the quiet, non-descript town of Pori on the West Coast of Finland, where the only options for kids growing up are sport or music. While some choose ice hockey, and some choose piano lessons, four particular kids chose punk rock.

Pori also played host to what Miikka describes as a "legendary squat" where Disco Ensemble would practice and play shows to their friends in what was a small but enthusiastic scene.

It all started when Mikko and Jussi got their first instruments at the age of 12 and slowly built up their skills on a steady diet of early Metallica, Refused and At the Drive-In.

Initially playing under the guise of Disco (they were later forced to amend their name due to a Finish electronic pop outfit having the same monicker) the band quickly gained some local notoriety. Scrawling the word Disco on gig posters ensured kids showed up expecting to dance. Little did the unsuspecting dance-hungry kids know they were going to witness one of the most explosive rock shows of their lives.

Vocalist Miikka was one such kid, and in 2000 he actually went from attending one of the shows, to joining the band, first on guitar and then ultimately switching to vocals.

Relocating to study in Finland's capital Helsinki six years ago, the band would change bass players and then start their recording career in the guise of debut album 'Viper Ethics' released on underground Finnish label Fullsteam Records.

Recorded in 2003 at the legendary Tonteknik Studios in Umea, Sweden (Refused, The Hives, Hell Is for Heroes, Poison the Well) the album received critical acclaim and allowed the band to hit the road across not only Finland but throughout Europe. Unsurprisingly, the studies have taken a back seat.

Now in 2006, it's time for the release of the "First Aid Kit" album. From the infectious chorus of "Black Euro" to the jagged intensity of "Drop, Dead Casanova", every track is a crafted as it is passionate. Add to this the fact that the phenomenon of the band's live show is spreading like wildfire and there is no denying the simple truth - Disco Ensemble could well become your new favourite band!

Explosive, provocative, intense - it's as much as you'd expect from a band whose name does hold international flavour - a name made from two words that everyone in the world would understand.

And while Miikka believes the band isn't consciously setting out to change the world, he wants Disco Ensemble's music to provoke the listener. As he concludes: "It's about that in-your-face approach, but not in a one-dimensional way. It's about having a musical and visual impact AND having a message. That sums up rock 'n' roll to me. It's about having that energy and passing some kind of idealism through the music too."

Disco Ensemble - through music and message they look set to ignite on the music scene right across the globe.

Get your dancing shoes ready.