Disco Organica

Disco Organica


Original music that fuses the styles of funk, jazz, electronica, soul, disco and pop to form a unique and moving musical experience not to be missed by music lovers of all kinds.


Since forming in October of 2004, Disco Organica (or, DO for short) has gigged relentlessly at home in Eugene, Oregon and on the North and Southwest tour circuits.

DO plays positive music drawing from a range of influences - a fusion of trip-hop, jazz, funk, soul, blues, drum'n'bass, and R&B. Always up for exploring grooves and improvising, DO's tunes meld genres and span styles from mellow, down-tempo jazz numbers to energetic schizo-funk, that is sometimes aggressive and always danceable.

DO's "something for everyone" approach makes use of the smoky, alluring vocals of singer Erin Flood, and the soulful, sexy, falsetto of guitar-player Brad Erichsen, set to a backdrop of blues, jazz and R&B arrangements.

At the end of the night, sophisticated music lovers and dance-hungry partygoers have all found something to love about Disco Organica. We hope you will too.


'Disco Organica' EP (2004)

'Soul Frog' LP (2006)

Radio Play on KRVM (Eugene, OR) and KHEN (Salida, CO): 'Driveway', 'Summertime', & 'Wake Up and Smell the Fascism'.

Set List

A typical performance from Disco Organica consists of original repertoire for the majority of the set occasional cover songs mixed in.

Hour long sets are preferred over no more than a 4 hour period unless it is a special circumstance.

Our sets consist of all of our pre-recorded material and new songs that have yet to be released.

Disco Organica will often cover and re-arrange jazz standards such as
Blue and Green (M. Davis)
Witch Hunt (W. Shorter)
Nostalgia from Time Square (C. Mingus)
Cold Duck Time & Freedom Jazz Dance (E. Harris)
Ill Take Less & Everybody's Party (J. Scofield)
Mercy Mercy (J. Zawanil)

Disco Organica also covers disco and soul tracks such as:
Glory Box (Portishead)
Mood Swings (Luscious Jackson)
Pusher Man (C. Mayfield)
Set My Soul on Fire (Lavern Baker)
Traveling Without Moving (Jamiroquai)
It Hurt so Bad (S. Tedeschi)
Use Me (B. Withers)
Coffe (R. Ayers)