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Discopoetry is Spoken Word like U've never seen or heard B4! This is the ultimate marriage between powerful word and intense music from a host of accomplished musicians and 1 unbelievably wild poet.


Discopoetry is straight heat! Nothing but fire in the word, the music, and performances. Through the primary vision of Discopoet Khari B. the term, Discopoetry, has been the underground buzz that pushes the limits of what is recognized as Spoken Word today. Based in Chicago, Discopoetry, in its various forms, has come to burn up national stages for sometime now through an unique blend of kinetics, music, and soul searing truth in word. Audiences have come to love and voraciously ingest Khari B.’s particular brand of “soul food” as he nourishes minds, bodies, and souls of all ages and cultures with his wonderful work.

Steering away from an overly sampled society of music, Khari B. brings together some of the hottest underground musical talent to not just accompany the word but to become an integral part of it as the blend is something beautiful to behold. With a razor-like delivery and an explosively energetic performance cohesively combined to the musical creations of live musicians it’s no wonder that Khari B’s debut album is dubbed “WordSound: THIS AIN’T NO PUNK-ASSED POETRY!!!”

From a duet with one musician and the poet to the full onslaught of Khari B. performing with a 32 piece Jazz orchestra and the Muntu Dance Theatre, Khari B.'s work has the range, depth, and bredth 2 keep audiences connected and wanting more. From political 2 erotica, from societal to comedic, this lack of limitations also extend N2 the music as the Discopoetry sound dances seamlessly between Funk, Rock, Jazz, Soul, and more. "Each poem has it's own musical feel and we can't allow anyone else's labels 2 define what that should B. We play great music and it's just that simple," say creator, Khari B.,"...sticking this sound N2 a box only does a disservice 4 those listeners looking 4 that something more."


The Nigga That Does Nuthin'

Written By: Khari B.

"...I am the woman
2 lazy 2 turn around
2 C if the toilet seat is down
& scream when I fall N

During the read summer of the 1900's
I just ran
as Klans of white men
rioted on Black beaches

I washed my hands with Pontius Pilate
& turned my back
even as they nailed the Savior 2 the crucifix 2 die

I am the nigga that does nuthin'
I am the nigga that does nuthin'
I am the nigga that don't do a gaddamn thang!
Ain't nobody done nuthin' 2 me!...

excerpt: "The Nigga That Does Nuthin'" (c)2002

excerpt: Hot Butta

Written By: Khari B.

...Without a care
she yanks back my hair
I swear if she bites me there I'll scream

She jumps above me
shoves her love in my face
down between her thighs
I become unable 2 close me eyes
I have 2 C her sensuous cries
reach the skies
Rise above the clouds
2 let Heaven know we found it
That last squeal
sounded like we were just about there

My nails sink N2 her behind
hers dig N2 my back
We R both trapped
shaping our own reality
Yet never have we felt so free

She B emancipation
but I B her happy slave
ready 2 work on her
from 'cain't C N the morning'
2 'cain't C at night'...

excerpt: Hot Butta (c) 2002



Khari B. can also B heard on...
Ernest Dawkins’ Capetown Shuffle featuring New Horizons ensemble and Misconception of a Delusion, Shades of a Charade with the Chicago 12

Set List

In the tradition of Parliment/Funkadelic, we can funk all night but 4 practicality we can do enough original material 4 any 120min set