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Louisville, Kentucky, United States | SELF

Louisville, Kentucky, United States | SELF
Band Rock Blues




"[LEO Weekly] Discount Guns - Odessa [album review]"

"Frequently sounding like they’re in a hurry to beat back the other revival-rock bands in the region, Discount Guns can be credited with doing a fine job of breathing new life into not-unfamiliar sounds.
Discount Guns issue a thick yet clear fog of riffs, defying anyone within earshot to not shake that ass." - LEO Weekly - Print/Online - Peter Berkowitz

"[] Discount Guns: 'Odessa' (2012) [album review]"

"Songs on the album sound down and dirty, rough and loose. The production is often very hot- not really maxing out, but just packed in really. Songs are quite thick, with every sound vying for attention of the ear. This isn't really unpleasant, as it suites the feel of the music quite well."

- [Cincinatti] - Michael Rickert

"[] DISCOUNT GUNS – ODESSA [album review]"

"It’s the kind of album you can pass judgement on people for not liking.
It makes me turn up the volume and play air guitar."


"LIVE LUNCH Appearance - WFPK Radio Louisville"

Discount Guns were invited to play a full hour set on 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville 02-08-2013. - WFPK Radio Louisville 91.9

"Top 30 Local Tracks of 2012"

Already Gone "Rock 'n' roll straight, no chaser" - Louisville Magazine

"Voted #3 Local Band"

Voted #3 best local band by 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville listeners. - 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville

"Our music dude’s Top 10 Louisville Records of 2012"

"This is an album in sync with today, both music preference wise in regards to American culture, but also in sync with the spirit of the working man, the commoner, and the bar-star. It rocks, and it rocks so much." -

"Top Albums of 2012 -"

#47 - Odessa - (Chicago-based indie music blog)

"[Large Hearted Boy] Daily Downloads"

The Water - Featured Free Download -

"[] Discount Guns – Odessa [album review]"

" If you’re not playing air guitar (air drums are also acceptable) by the two minute mark, then you should take a long hard look in the mirror."
"I am not saying these guys are the next Black Keys, but if you look fondly back at the day when you first slipped The Big Come Up or thickfreakness into your Discman and strode confidently down the street with the knowledge that you were listening to something much cooler than everybody else, go buy Odessa" - - Indie Music Blog

"B-Sides - Ask questions later"

"Kevin Ratterman’s résumé speaks for itself. An extremely talented guy, and he just put the icing on the cake. We’re very proud of the record and grateful for all the talented people we had around us." - LEO Weekly

"Discount Guns: Bluesy, Stiff-Lipped Rock on the Cheap"

"It’s exactly the kind of smoky, full-boar relentlessness that stiffens upper lips on contact and effortlessly transfixes audiences toward head nodding, knee wobbling, angst-fueled sublimity." - The Paper -

"Discount Guns – Odessa (Album Review)"

This is timeless music. This is music for the lonely night drive with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth. This is music for a crowded bar with a bourbon in your hand. -

"Discount Guns: Two guys and a quick, powerful, crushing sound"

"...makes you feel as if you’re the runaway bank-robber in a Quentin Tarantino movie. The sound is Link Wray and Nirvana jamming in some beach house garage. It’s hard but easy to listen to, crunchy and bright." - Michael Hannon Tierney -

"Discount Guns: Two guys and a quick, powerful, crushing sound"

"Discount Guns’ sound makes you feel as if you’re the runaway bank-robber in a Quentin Tarantino movie. The sound is Link Wray and Nirvana jamming in some beach house garage. It’s hard but easy to listen to, crunchy and bright." - - Michael Hannon Tierney

"Discount Guns on WHAS Great Day Live!"

Interview on Great Day Live! - WHAS 11

"Tonight w/ “Discount Guns”: Boot wearin’, hip shakin’, whiskey drinkin’ rock and roll"

If you can sit still when “Things have changed” comes on, you have more control than I. Hard hitting and fast on the ones and the threes, the guitar and the backdrums is a head shaker. Mixing it up and slowing it down in the middle, it reminds me of a great kiss you head into quickly, savor, and then finish with a bang.

The riffs are stripped from the likes of old deep south blues, with some crazy T Rex or Jack White loudness all bundled up in a 120 proof duet. -


LP - Odessa (Download Available at

Self Titled EP - Discount Guns 08/2011



Discount Guns is a fuzz/blues rock duo out of Louisville, KY. The band is comprised of John Ford and Edward Vincent, both of whom write the songs, and switch off on instruments and vocals.

The sound is heavy, riff-driven, fuzzed out garage rock, with inspiration coming from bands like The Sonics and The White Stripes.

The pair recorded their self-titled EP in the basement of Ford’s home, releasing it in August of 2011. While playing gigs at many of the local spots, the two continued to write and add new songs to the setlist.

They decided to record an LP at DeadBird Studios (Cabin, Shooter Jennings) in Louisville in May of 2012. The result was “Odessa”, a reverbed guitar and drum combo with a powerful, driving sound. Recording essentially as a live album, the band tracked 12 songs in 9 hours.

The crew at DeadBird rolled the tape, mixed it down, and Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Wax Fang, Ben Sollee) did the mastering. The minimalistic style of Discount Guns was transformed into a big, big sound.