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Layton, Utah, United States | INDIE

Layton, Utah, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Discourse EP Review"

Discourse is like a big wedding cake in outer space. This six song EP has layer upon layer of reverbed-out, sugary goodness. Each song is well thought-out and intelligently played. It’s nice to hear local music like this. Discourse doesn’t follow any trends, they just make the music that they want to make. The band is composed of three members Mikey Henderson (drums, keyboards, vocals), Jordan Dawes (guitar, special effects), and Chase Dawes (bass), but you wouldn’t know by listening to it. The CD sounds like there are a thousand dudes in the band. Big up Discourse! Thanks for being original! - Slug Magazine-SLC


This is one of my favorite releases of 2008! The music
provides a great canvas for the vocals and melodies to
paint bright colors on, everything about this is fantastic. - Tyler Lusk - Sound Vs. Silence Records

"CD Review - Discourse"

The local band's new EP nearly justifies its long-winded intro
with songs that are sweeping, dramatic and at times triumphant.
Produced by Jay Henderson, who also worked on the new album by
The Editor's Notes, Discourse's self-titled debut is layer upon
layer of gossamer guitar and breathy vocals that together provide
the perfect backdrop for sleep-deprived contemplation. - Salt Lake City Weekly


Self Titled E.P. with 6 tracks available on iTunes and more online retailers.

Full length CD entitled "Sparks With Our Hands" including the single "Giving Up". Contains 10 tracks released by Sound Vs Silence Records on iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers.



Emerging out of Salt Lake City, Utah, DISCOURSE began refining their experimental-rock music in the early fall of 2005. Comprised of Mike Henderson (vocals, drums, samples), Chase Dawes (bass), and Jordan Dawes (guitar, loops/midi), the power trio has finally released their debut EP almost three years later with the help of Jay Henderson (Band of Annuals) who produced the latest studio EP (2008).

DISCOURSE is dramatic, emotive and melodic, with haunting guitars that will echo in your bones.

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* DISCOURSE recently opened up for bands such as Hawthorne Heights, Imagine Dragons, Barcelona, and Lymbyc Systym.

* DISCOURSE was also chosen to be a part of the Windows 7 and Microsoft Sponsored Songs Program in 2009 reaching many new fans.

* DISCOURSE has been on X96.3FM "Live and Local" radio weekly and has appeared in some local contests and on-air interviews.

* The band reached 28th in Best of Rock Charts for 2011, and in the top 100 for 11 weeks straight on Ourstage.com. Also, top 10 in Indie Rock January-March in 2010.

* Placed in top 12 for X96.3 FM band contest out of 450 bands.

* The band was voted 3rd in a radio contest to open for Anberlin.

* DISCOURSE has been requested frequently in local music shops like Graywhale CD Exchange and Slowtrain Records(a shop featured in Rolling Stone for monthly sales). Music is available on iTunes, Amazon, and many other digital retailers. Both CD's have gotten much praise and an incredible review from Slug Magazine.

* The band is currently signed to Sound VS Silence Records (Seattle, WA).

* Performed downtown Salt Lake City for the New Year's Eve Festival 2009 which had a crowd of 8,000 in attendance.

"DISCOURSE was created back in early 2001. We have had line up changes and played many live shows. We finally found a voice with Mike Henderson in the last few years, who also plays drums and keyboards, which helps us stand out.
We have been creative in everything we do, and with loving music, has been something we can’t live without."

"We have been through ups and downs like every band has, but still have managed to keep our passion and spirits high in making music. Our songs have been getting great praise and our fan base is continually growing. We believe we have a unique rock sound that is very dramatic and different."

Discourse will be touring the west coast in support of their full length cd entitled "Sparks With Our Hands".

For more info, please contact:

Chase Dawes