Discovery String Band

Discovery String Band


We are five multi-talented, multi-instrumental folk
musicians with a special interest in the music of the
period of Lewis and Clark, the Civil War, and the great
Missouri/Mississippi river system.


Our band is made up of musicians who have been
close friends and collaborators for more than 25
years. We are especially fond of American and
French Canadian folk music and traditions. Cathy
and Dave (husband and wife) have toured
extensively throughout the United States and
Europe and have performed and held workshops
at many of the major folk festivals in the country.
Cathy is an especially talented hammered dulcimer
and banjo player. Dave is a master guitarist. Paul
& Win Grace have also toured extensively through-
out the United States and specialize in versatile
high-energy performances. Bob Dyer is a song
writer in the old balladeer tradition. He calls himself
a "Songteller," and he is also an avid student of
American, and especially river, history. Our
versatility is perhaps our strongest trait.


Between the three entities in our band (Paul & Win
Grace, Dave and Cathy Barton Para, and Bob Dyer)
we have released more than a dozen CDs. Among
Dave & Cathy's releases are: "Living on the River",
"Crazy Quilt", "On A Day Like Today", "Ballad of the
Boonslick", "For All the Good People", and "T'was On
A Night Like This" (an album of Christmas music).
Paul and Win's CDs include "Dance Upon the Earth",
"Love's Lasting Light", and "In Dreams I Hear the
Music." Bob has two CD's of his own original
folk-style ballads—"Songteller"and "River Runs
Outside My Door". Cathy, Dave and Bob have also
collaborated on two CDs of Civil War music from the
Western Border—"Johnny Whistletrigger" and
"Rebel in the Woods." Cuts from our CDs have
received wide radio play on folk and acoustic music
shows on independent radio stations. Our web
sites (;; and contain musical
segments from many of our songs.

Set List

For the Lewis and Clark performances we typically
perform 10 to 17 songs from our recent release
"Most Perfect Harmony." The entire 17 songs on
the CD generally take us about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to
perform (along with some commentary), or we can
shorten the program to 45 minutes to an hour. The
songs on the "Most Perfect Harmony" CD are:
"Bonaparte's Retreat" (1:46), "Come Up Me" (3:57),
"La Bastringue" (3:22), "Going Up the River" (2:37),
"Springfield Mountain" (4:21), "Chester" (2:46),
"Rakes of Mallow" (2:21), "Through the Garden"
(5:35), "Banks of the Dee" (4:23), "The Extra-
Ordinary Beast/Road to Boston" (4:17), C'est
l'Aviron" (3:37), "Black Moccasin" (3:10), "The
Journey Song for Pomp" (5:15), "Ursus Horribilis/
Jefferson and Liberty (4:48), "After What I Have
Seen" (3:56), "Metis/French Canadian Fiddle
Medley" (4:35), "Meriwether Lewis/The Way Home"