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This band has not uploaded any videos



"L.A. Today: Discovery Zone"

Remember back in high school when you'''d go support your friend'''s band whenever it played out in town? You knew deep down that the band wasn'''t going anywhere, maybe you didn'''t even like the music all that much, and that it was doomed to break up soon or stay on the pay-for-play circuit forever. Now imagine if that high school band was fucking awesome, played at cool venues, and had the potential to do something important if the band members would just focus on making music instead of furthering their pesky educational goals. That'''s the situation with Discovery Zone, a progressive rock quintet that emerged from the creativity-fostering environment of Oakwood School in North Hollywood (this journo'''s alma mater). It'''s rare when musicians so young can assimilate so many sounds '' among Discovery Zone'''s clear influences are early Pink Floyd, Tool, and the entire Ipecac Recordings catalog '' and forge something dynamic and intelligent of their own. This band has done it. The three tracks on the DZ'''s Myspace page hint at the band'''s range, but you gotta see them live - wildman vocalist Jamie Landau (pictured) is a monster performer, with a Maynard-meets-Patton flexibility and a caged gorilla inside, just waiting to be unleashed. -

"Discovery Zone"

A first impression of Discovery Zone is all that is needed to become a believer that there are bands that have decided to actually produce something unique and diverse. It is such a relief knowing that there is talent and drive still eminent in Los Angeles, and in bands like Discovery Zone.The band thrives on the ideals of layered songs and quirky sounds, developing an onslaught of sound produced by the talent that protrudes throughout their finger tips and vocal chords. The songs are powerful, and the energy is apparent with layer over layer of intellectually contrived sound. Their songs build, and while their intelligence is mustered throughout the songs, they are not hindered by the fact, and they hold the ability to unleash, and dispense a wall of heavy rock material. They know exactly when and when not to hold back their vicious battering of their strings and synths, knowing the right time to unload their epic rock. You may say they are the Pink Floyd of a new generation, or a darker version of Frank Zappa. Either way a comparison is not necessary to describe the band’s original portrayal of melody - Art Rocker Magazine


A self-titled EP
Bless the Plague-Single-Recorded by Rob Cavallo
The song MACHINE has been played in Los Angeles on KROQ, 106.7



The five members of Discovery Zone all attended the same high-school in Los Angeles, CA. They built a musical vocabulary together in the schools Jazz band, but it was not until the summer of 2006 that they decided to put there combined efforts into their real passion, creating truly original music. It was just a bonus that they were all already such close friends. At a younger age, the members were influenced by The Beatles, Radiohead, and Nirvana. However in there later teen years the members expanded their musical consciousness’ by listening to artists like Charles Mingus, Stravinsky, John Zorn, and Squarepusher. This varied mix of influences is what makes the music so unique. Imagine: Drums are keeping an undeniable groove that is dancing in and around 4/4 time, the guitar plays a crunching Tool-like riff as the keyboards come in with a sound that can only be from space, and finally laid right on top are glorious Beach Boys style harmony's carrying the song through. That should give you an idea of Discovery Zone's sound. DZ have infiltrated the live scene in LA for the past two years regularly playing The Roxy, The Troubadour, and The House of Blues on the Sunset Strip creating interest from the recording industry. They have also played on the East Coast with gigs at Sullivan Hall in NYC and at Wesleyan University. They are in the process of recording a new EP with producer Rob Cavallo.