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Rising stars on the NYC rock and dance scenes, Discrete Encounter released their latest rock/electronica CD "2B1" in March 2008. Renown in NYC for their engrossing live shows and striking stage presence, Discrete Encounter are a genre-blending embraces their influences yet maintain a unique and intriguing sound. "Discrete Encounter is a NY based trio (music duo + visual projection person) who play some kick-ass female-fronted aggro-electronica, or whatever else you might want to call a powerful mixture of electronic music with heavy scratching distorted metal guitar riffs: industrial metal? electro metal? It doesn't matter really, the point is, it is good and it is hard! Definitely right up the alley of fans of bands like Rammstein, Die Krupps, FLA, F242, Killing Joke, Strapping Young Lad, Oomph!, Clawfinger, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM and so on and so forth." - Marc Urselli-Schaerer, Chain D.L.K.


Let Go

Written By: Natasha Romanova

A mind's often chasing a thought
So what?
A road's often slippery wet
Too bad!
A taste's not always matching a smell Oh, well!
A rain's not always ready to fall
Let go

Nothing's ever what it seems
I'm getting used to reading your mind
And if you never see my tears
It doesn't mean that I haven't been crying

A beauty often acts as a beast
To please!
A secret's often poorly kept
You bet!
A time's not always ready to turn
Just learn
The eyes are not always willing to see Just be


Written By: Natasha Romanova

In a place where no one can see
In a garden where nothing can grow
In a story that's not gonna end
I met myself

On a land with only one tree
In a city with only one road
On a plane that's not gonna land
I met myself

And I said to myself:
"Wait! I know the way!"
And I asked myself:
"How could you be so late?"
And I took myself to the stage
and we started to play
And the song was long enough
for us to feel safe

On a planet with only one moon
In a car with only one engine
In a book you left on a shelf
I met myself

On the stairs forgotten by steps
In a frame forsaken by faces
In a movie resembled by laugh
I met myself


Written By: Natasha Romanova

I set you free
You're free to go now
Don't let them stop you
Don't let them lie again
It's been a while
You can't remember
Don't let them hide it
Don't let them kill again

You're about to shed your skin
Rediscover what's hidden within
Electricity runs through your spine
Break this code and start to shine

You set me free
I'm free to go now
Won't let them chase me
Won't let them touch again
I've had enough
You can't imagine
Won't let them find me
Won't let them lie again

I’m about to shed my skin…


"2B1" LP - 2008
"One day" EP - 2006
"I Will Be" EP - 2005
"Remixed" EP - 2005
"Poles Apart" LP - 2004
"If only" EP - 2004
"ON" LP - 2003

Set List

The usual set is about 30-45min long consisting of the most recent material.
Current song list:
"Pleasure and Pain"
"Let Go"