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Houston, Texas, United States

Houston, Texas, United States
Rock Psychedelic




"Skate & Rock Series At Lee & Joe Jamail Skatepark In Houston"

"Disfrutalo! featured a large number of numbers(nearing double digits), and even wider number of instruments. They played a jam style that is a bit hard to describe, though I heard the term "sounds of the universe" used which is a decent rough summary of it. They had an indescribable range in sound and style, but one thing was apparent; every song had deep craftsmanship and amazing musicianship."
- TX Punk


Still working on that hot first release.



Disfrutalo! (enjoy it) was formed late 2009 in Pasadena/Houston, TX with three of the four remaining members of Special Lady Friend, a Houston band now in hiatus created by Rolando Fontalvo and the late Aaron Herrera.

Disfrutalo! is a new direction in playing music for the band consisting of Elijah Kelley (bass,guitar,keyboard,didgeridoo, vocals), Rolando Fontalvo (bass,guitar,keyboard, clarinet, vocals), and Sammy Reyna (drums and percussion) and other various guest musicians. The latest addition to our live show our Joel Sinister (of InZurgo, guitar) and Gerardo Gonzales (of Rowe & Yoko Mono, percussion & vocals).

Disfrutalo! has a 43min self released demo entitled "La Ciencia del Sonido Furioso!" meaning "the science of furious sound" available at live shows and FREE to download . It was all recorded at Elijah's house recorded with a Rock Band video game and a Blue Snowball usb mic and was mixed and produced by Rolando and Elijah. All of the tracks are sections of various long jam sessions from late '09 to early '10.

Throughout 2010-11 Disfrutalo! have performed shows all around the Houston area at well known venues such as Dean's, Notsuoh's, Mango's, Bohemeo's, Fitzgerald's, even Starbucks, Super Happy Fun Land, Houston Beerfest, Summerfest, Avant Garden, Numbers, and were nominated as "Best Instrumental/Experimental Band" in the 2010 Houston Press Music Awards, they've opened for the Memorials 2011 Freedom Tour, and opened for Zech's Marquise Nov. 2011.

The bands live show started out as primarily improv and the rest is music that came from jam sessions that was kept and refined, still leaving room for new music, incense, dancing, guest musicians and some sort of interesting artistic visuals in each show.

Disfrutalo! is has recorded their 1st official EP with non-other than Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta/Free Moral Agents . Tracking was done at the beautiful 713Studios in Houston, TX. No release date yet but it is estimated to be out in early 2012 followed by a tour. Because they are a completely DIY band they are launching a Kickstarter campaign to help support funding for mixing, master, & touring.