Disguised as Birds

Disguised as Birds


Disguised as Birds have a loose and powerful live sound. Influenced by all things rock and roll, art, and the often cold and bleak environment in which they live; this is a band that can pummel, sprint, or soar.


Disguised as Birds was born in 2004 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Although Disguised as Birds' indie rock sound tends to have a lot of "spacey" and "jammy" qualities, their bread and butter is original, explosive and heavy rock power that puts their overall approach on grounds close to that of Shiner, Regulator Watts, Jawbox, Shipping News, Juno, etc. Still, despite the artsy leanings, Disguised as Birds unquestionably has the vibe of a classic rock band. In spirit (if not in incessant riffing) they pack a great deal of SOUL into every measure of every tune.

At first conceived as a power trio (Kristopher Endicott: guitar/vocals, Tony Ciske; bass, and Christopher Bongers; drums), Disguised as Birds rehearsed and played out (in and around the Midwest) for a year before recording a full-length record with Shane Hochstetler (CALL ME LIGHTNING) in 2005. Looking to recreate the record's layered vocal harmonies live, the band recruited Chris Chuzles as a second vocalist - just in time to sing on five of the self-titled album's tracks. Chris Bongers then moved to Madrid, Spain to play with punk-rock band Los Bultacos, and later with Paul Collins of The Beat fame. So, The Birds added Milwaukee ace drummer Kevin DeMars to the fold.

The band returned to Howl Street Recordings to again work with Shane Hochstetler on their second and more incendiary record, SEEDS - in 2007. SEEDS is much more direct - the songs are structured and precise, while still maintaining the vibe of a band that isn't too careful with conventions.

The band is distinguished by both their willingness to avoid the usual moves and cliches of indie rock as well as their 'all out' and sometimes jazzy/jagged playing.


New Demons (EP) - Phratry Records, 2009
Seeds (Full-Length)- 2008
Disguised as Birds (Full-Length) - 2006

Currently, the song "Dancing Bear" is receiving radio play on 91.7 (WMSE) and 102.1 (WLUM) in Milwaukee, as well as being featured in prominent podcasts from OnMilwaukee.Com (Milwaukee), The Neus Subjex (Cincinnati, OH), Independent Rawk Show (Minneapolis, MN) and Novedades de Lengua Armada (Madrid, Spain).

Previously, "Highway at Night," "To The Streets!" and "Hawks" have also had airplay in Milwaukee on 91.7 (WMSE)

Disguised as Birds has had the pleasure of performing twice on the air live in 91.7 WMSE's studios, both in 2006 and 2008.

Set List

Our typical set is usually comprised of 7-9 songs lasting a total of approximately 45 minutes.

Complete Song List:
1 Fully Bonded
2 Seawall
3 Seeds
4 Dancing Bear
5 Abilung Blues
6 The Front Burner Blues
7 Regressions
8 Stray Bullets
9 Shot Down In Flames (AC/DC Cover)
10 It Keeps You Runnin'
11 Birdhouse Constellations
12 What We Can All See
13 Peacemaker
14 Hawks
15 To The Streets!
16 Peacefully + Decently
17 Highway at Night
18 Come Back Electric
19 Cigarette Ghost
20 Lean and/or Mean
21 Just Can't Hold
22 Hayabusa's Lament
22 New Demons