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"Old School Death"

Disgust -
Years of Torment
Released: 2004, Length: 43:45

Review: This is the self released, debut full length from Cambridge death metal band Disgust. First off let me say for a self released album this thing has really pro packaging and great production! They play a fairly old school style of death metal with plenty of good blasting and lots of chugging riffs. They've got some guitar solos which I personally usually don't care for, but they're well done and mix shit up nicely. The vocals take a bunch of different approaches, at times theres a trade off between standard growls and higher pitched shrieks, but then there are also some pretty sick gutturals and the occasional really high inhale (check out 2:09 on Negativity!) All aspects of this album definately have a lot of variation, so its definately something that demands a lot of listens. Theres a section on the song Years of Torment where they actually slow down this riff to almost a standstill then slowly speed it up thats really cool, and even more impressive live. Personally my highlights were some of the great, catchy chug riffs and some really good slammage, and of course those sick inhales when they come out. Also really love that Fear and Loathing intro on Illegal Consumption hehe. Favourite tracks for me were Shot in the Face, Negativity, and Illegal Consumption. Can't wait to hear more shit recorded by these guys, they're one of the bright spots of the ontario death scene!

Tracklist: 1. Shot in the Face 2. Self Hell 3. Hate With Hatred 4. Optical Vein 5. Negativity 6. A Penis Named Hate 7. Illegal Consumption 8. Sledgehammer Death 9. Necrophuck 10. Mug Shot 11. Years of Torment

8/10 - www.northernbrutality.tk


"Years of Torment" Full Length
"Slicing and Bleeding till the Bones Crack" Demo Compliation
"Bleed the Gemini" Split Cd w/ Inveigh



Formed in Cambridge in the summer of 2002, after the split of former group as 'Uncensored'. The original lineup of Brian Figueiredo - Vocals, Guitar, Sean Giacomini - Guitar , Abe Scheidel – Vocals, Bass and Chris Giacomini – Drums. Disgust officially came out in the summer of 2003 and pushed shows in their hometown of Cambridge as well as Toronto, Guelph, Kitchener and surrounding area. Disgust released their first demo “Hear the Bones Crack” in February of 2004 and sold 250 copies within six months. Then released their debut album at the Rock the Mill fest 04 and sold 50 copies within the first week, and over 800 to date. Disgust signed with Big Metal Records in Winter 2004/2005 for “Bleed the Gemini” split with Inveigh (R.I.P.) Bleed the Gemini was release July 8th 2005, selling over 700 copies to date. Following the split was the summer 2005 Canadian tour with Inveigh. The tour was successful and put a big impact on the Disgust camp. Returning home at the end of August ‘05 Disgust performed show's up North and in the G.T.A. to continue to push their name into the Death Metal scene. Disgust than put on what's now an annual Cambridge Metalfest in their hometown and has shared the stage with act's like Decapitated, Neuraxis, Deamon, Lapidate, Endast, Orchidectomy and other sick and influential bands. In early ‘06, Disgust collaborated a demo for their upcoming full length and released a limited edition demo collection. This cd featured the original Hear the Bones Crack demo, the split with Inveigh and now the new sliced demo from '06. 700 of 1000 have been sold to date Disgust once again toured nation wide in support of this release. Disgust hosted the third annual Cambridge Metalfest for two days in Nov 2006 with over 400 people throughout the fest. Following this was a support slot for death metal legends “Suffocation”. Disgust spent the winter of 2006/2007 collaborating new material for their upcoming full-length. In April 2006, Disgust was featured on a mini-tour with Cryptopsy, Deamon and 3 Mile Scream. For the future Disgust is still working on their next full length due in late December 2007 , and will be performing as support for Dying Fetus, and Emeth in June, aswell as headlining Spring Splatter ’07. Disgust will be on tour throughout Western US and Canada in the fall of 2007.