Disgust of Us

Disgust of Us


Explosive indie-rock from this female-led, Oakland, California-based 4-piece. Their sound is climactic and danceable, all brought together by heartfelt and compelling songwriting. Disgust of Us can be heard on college radio stations around the nation.


Disgust of Us is an American alternative rock band formed in Oakland, California in 2006. The female-led group has been described as explosive and emotional, originating a bold new sound that pays homage to both their pop sensibilities and their punk foundation. Consisting of two East Coast transplants and two West Coast natives, Disgust of Us is singer/guitarist Cheryl Martinez, singer/guitarist Patrick Thomas, bassist Laura Bagnato, and drummer Sam Banker. They have been compared to Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Bjork, and X.

Disgust of Us has been played on many college radio stations and have also been listed in the CMJ Top 30 for KXUL radio.

They are currently recording a new EP to be released in the Fall of 2010 and filming a music video.


Skin and Bones

Written By: Cheryl Martinez & Patrick Thomas

evacuation fails, you’re trapped in stone
california waits up by the phone
you trust a system to protect your fate
we’re waiting, frustrated

survival is a privilege of the rich
panic breaks among the citizens
they calculate the cost to spare your life
and it’s cheaper to leave her

you’re on your own (your safety was a loan)
we’re skin and bones (your credit has all gone)

the best laid plans, if there are plans, can fail
disaster divides powerful from frail
and shall your meek inherit what is left
inaction abandons
you’re on your own (your safety was a loan)
we’re skin and bones (your credit has all gone)


"Disgust of Us" - 2009, 8-song self-release with airplay on college radio stations including CHOQ, KALX, KSCU, KUCR, KXUL, KZSU, WBNY, WIDR, WITR, WLUR, WMBR, WRUV, WRUW, WRVU, & WUSB, and reviewed by The East Bay Express, The Examiner, and many more.

"Our Error" - 2007, 10-song demo, not officially released

Set List

1. Skin and Bones 3:22
2. Monstrous 2:43
3. Tick Tock 3:13
4. Dearly Departed 4:42
5. Homemade Haircuts 5:49
6. Piss in the Snow 3:20
7. Clammy Calm 4:08
8. Regret Regard 2:36
9. Wandering Weary

Our sets are usually 35-45 minutes, but we have enough material to do an hour set.