Dishwater Blonde

Dishwater Blonde


DWB is a combination of rock, funk, and R&B that keep their crowd engaged and dancing all night long! "Aiming to not only provide great music, but also to entertain, Dishwater Blonde put on a multi-sensory show which manages to turn their audiences into grooving machines." (Atlanta, GA review)

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Albums: One Tribe (2008), Second Coming, and Dishwater Blonde
DVDs: Dishwater Blonde Unplugged at World Grotto and DWB Live NYE 2008
Knoxville radio airplay
105.3 fm, 98.7 fm, 90.3 fm, 89.1 fm
We are also featured on compilation CDs
by 98.7 fm for their Sundown in the City concert series & News Sentinel Preview
myspace/dishwaterblonde site, myjonesmusic/ site.
songs available for digital distributuion thru CD BABY, Apple Itunes(UK, Europe, Canada), Napster, MSN Music, Music Now, and about 35 other partner companies.