kevin 'Pnut' herod

kevin 'Pnut' herod

 Pickering, Ontario, CAN
SoloComedyHip Hop

Veteran stand-up comic, popular on air host & actor. Also the voice of Canadian animated series “Ninjamaica”. always heavy, different and descriptive with the content


Veteran story painter, popular on air host & actor. Also the voice of Canadian animated series Ninjamaica.

His hip-hop music video I Cheat showcases Kevins creativity, guerilla filmmaking acumen, and exceptional comic writing ability. His on-stage humor translates seamlessly to film/video.


Old Beef

Written By: Kevin Herod

Well great its come to this cell mate remember me jail bait your ultimate hell date I'll cut the shit what up kid you know shit is ruff doing a bid, better get this letters significance... Your a coward for real don't forget our deal my canteens on E trampoline, think I'd give you my treasure map and put know eyes on you? never that my people get pleasure at giving clever cats desert naps when I get my barretta back I don't aim it will rain like bad weather black. I'm gon punch and puncture your rib cage squeeze ya heart like a tomato I'm a tornado I'm gon turn neighbors against you for bringing the drama coma noise coma Jeffery Domer brutality see what happens to your moma if you dnot get at me snappy.

I sold an old jahova witness lady a gun told her tek on for protect I was like what if a bazerk masked up purse snatcha lurks in the back of a bush and attacks yo ass after church "mi I gon im bible scripta!" I said naw ya bless the bullets and burst at em and cleanse his soul! Yanawmean she said "zeen trust me true dat yo, let me get 2 gats an a Canada bandanna!" I said ok well first reach in a ya purse and let's complete the bloodcleet commerce, she gave me the money I gave her the gun now here she comes... LIKE "yes yoot! If ya naw want me fi shoot gi me MY money YOUR watch wallet and don't get cute!" I was like I know you aint gon pull this bull shit bitch I didn't even give you the bullets yet, she was Like "aww well iz ow much for de bullet dem gwan and full it den!" I said you better read tomorrows news bulletin granny found face down in a sewer system dead ca she aint get the fuck out my face bitch! ... WA battybwoy you know mi!? You cyant come around here and talk to me like dat you know! I is a bloodclot Murdara I is a Murdara! I gon kill dis pussyhole bwoy to bumba...


First Album
'The Comedy Detox Album'
including tracks - I Cheat, Old Beef.

Set List

I just get on stage and tell jokes for 45 mins, I also host shows with multiple acts performing