Cambridge, Ontario, CAN
BandAlternativeSurf Rock

Dismaj is a surf-ska-gypsy rock group from Cambridge, ON. Our songs are incredibly diverse but contain a fresh fusion style that attracts anyone who's looking for something crowd-pumping and original. We were awarded 102.1 The Edge's 'Online Indie Band of the Month' and we're looking up. Our debut album is out now and available on our website for free.


The group found its conception in 2009 when Avo and Jake came together with their separate inspirations, ranging from classic rock, Armenian folk, and progressive metal, among others. Sven was eventually drawn into the picture through serendipitous means. In late 2013, Justin was brought on board to round the team as the bassist. By their combined superpowers, Dismaj was born. The group is now out and beginning to hit the scene, already playing at such venues as the Sound Academy and the Horseshoe Tavern. At the moment, Dismaj has recorded their debut album and it is available at http://www.dismaj.com 


Set List

We have enough original material to play for 1.5 hours.