Dismantle is a hardrock/roadhouse based band that has been influenced by greats from the southern rock and hard rock genres. Instrumentation is borderline metal, while vocals have a blues based edge.


Dismantle has come to exist through the chaos and order of life in a downtrodden economy of Metro Detroit. The history comes from several disassembled bands that once held a glory in the heyday of Detroit metal and hard rock, such as early 90’s Harpo's staples like, Vagrant, Metal Punkx, and Father Black. The radiation from this explosion of music, that remained exclusive to Detroit, has been transduced into the roadhouse rock anthems they perform today. The members of Dismantle have all felt the stresses of this economic collapse, which inspires them to provide influence to others that are under the same pressures. Proving to be an equal to those that have encountered rough times, Dismantles lyrics portray a life of careless abandon, fueled by the nature of habitual lifestyles and promiscuous actions. After all, rock and roll is best known as the offspring of sex and drugs. The intent, however, is not to glorify living on the edge, but to portray the added difficulties brought about by allowing temptations such as alcohol, and other peer pressures into ones life.
Features on Dismantles upcoming album include “More Rock And Roll, Cathouse, and Liquor Store”, which are the hard rock side of the band. Tracks like Black Veil, Smokin and Drinkin, and Dirty River show the bands blues base that appeal to the southern rockers. Two Timing, Give it Up, and Devil Wins are prime examples of how this band is not about adding fillers to their records. Strong hooks, driving drums and rhythms, and screaming guitar solos make up the bands repertoire of a new evolving Detroit sound.


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Set List

Black Veil
Devil Wins
Dirty River
Give It Up
Life At The Top
Liquor Store
More Rock And Roll
Smokin And Drinkin
Two Timing