dis-n-dat band

dis-n-dat band


Dis-n-Dat band plays roots reggae with a new flavor and feel that is sure to capture you phisicaly and mental


Dis-n-Dat band is led by Ex-Black uhuru Tenor saw Drummer Rangotan, and award winning steel drummer vocalist Sista D Rangotan comes from a strong roots Background and has played on classic international reggae hit's like "Fever" rango holds the beat without a doubt while singing and hyping up the crowd!! and Trinidadian Sista D comes brings her style of trinidadian reggae and r&b and serious steel pans together with solid vocals and keys, guitarist laurie goldsmith ads that classic guitar feel along with wicked solos Nancy Leody Brings the sweet sounds of sax background harmonies by Ki-Ki- and Nomsa blend beutifully ,thomas mansur keeps us grounded with heavy but sweet bass..meanwhile charleston keeps the keyboard "skankin and top rankin" together we blend our styles to form what we call the neo-reggae style of Dis-n-Dat.


The band has just released the Cd. Black Sheep and are tearing up the place with the singles "This Feelin" "Green" and "Situation #9" getting air play in places like France,germany,amsterdam!, and the U.S.

Set List

we typically do 80% originals and the rest are covers depending on the event our sets are any were from 45min to 90 mins our originals we perform are
"this feelin" "dis kinda ting"," situation#9" shakles","glamorous","turn it up" we do covers like sir it up, family affair(mary j blige) I'm still in love(sean paul/sasha) revolution(dennis brown) legalize it (peter tosh) this is just a partial list!