Displaced People

Displaced People


Displaced People's music is driven by soulful melodies, written with integrity, and contains universal themes. Their sound is Janis Joplin and Tori Amos meets the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Their influences are eclectic, and this is reflected in their diverse, but unified sound.


The sisters Michal Hoffman and Liat Hoffman are the core of the band and the songwriters. The band originated in Cape Town, South Africa, and is currently located in Los Angeles, California.

Michal Hoffman Piano, lead and backing vocals, guitar.
Michal's journey with her greatest love - the piano - started at age 5. She was singing (and screaming) since birth. Unfortunately the piano is hardly portable, so Michal learned the guitar so she could jam at summer camps, and with 'randomers' on the sunny beaches of Cape Town. She wrote her first song at age 13, and at age 17 recorded her first album Declaration of Independence. With a Bachelor of Music degree, majoring in Classical Composition and Piano, behind her, and a couple more albums to boot, Michal joined forces with her creative partner in crime and sister, Liat, to form Displaced People.

Liat Hoffman lead and backing vocals, guitar, bass, saxophone.
Liat's musical journey began with reluctant piano lessons at 5. She found and fell in love with the sax at age 12, and joined and performed a few amateur jazz bands, in addition to periodically ripping it at events and concerts. At 14 she began playing guitar, and her musical journey truly began when she wrote her first song at age 15, inspired by the ballads of Joni Mitchell and the jam rock of Dispatch. Bringing together the musical aesthetics of her jazzy saxophone background and her love of classic and modern rock, as well as her experiences traveling in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, Liat adds a unique and indispensable dash of creativity to the songs of Displaced People, adding to the eclectic, yet unified sound of the band.

As a band, Displaced People have toured around South Africa, and performed at many venues including Rantanga Junction Theme Park, Baxter Concert Hall, and Cape Town's Christmas Lighting Ceremony - broadcast live on national television. Their songs have been placed on "Going Nowhere Slowly" - a South African T.V show. They have worked with producers Duncan Mackay (of 10cc, "Cockney Rebel" fame) and Andre De Santanna.

Displaced People strives to bring artistic integrity to the popular consciousness.

Our name is Displaced People because we seek to spread the word about displaced people around the world and encourage social action. Save Darfur.

Influences: Bob Dylan, Jewel, Janis Joplin, The Beatles, Sublime, Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, Paula Cole, Counting Crows, Carole King... so many amazing bands there's enough space to mention!



Crying in my Head

Written By: Liat Hoffman and Michal Hoffman

You left me high
You left me dry
You left me feeling less than whole

I do not want
To say goodbye
But you crept into me

And you stole my heart and soul
You stole my heart and soul

And I've bled red
I'm sorry I said
When I was crying in my head
That I was ok
at the end of the day
the way that you didn't stay by my side
Pride, I'm sorry I lied
But since you left I've been dying inside

You let me lie
Under the dust
Because you didn't have the guts
To make a move
See it through
Now I know that one and one make two

You grabbed me by the wrist
Biting lips as we kissed


High, Dry, I can't lie
about the way I churn inside
When you're near it's so clear
I wanna disappear inside my head
Regret the things I said
The letters that I've shred
Paper cut me and I bled



Nametags (2006)
Displaced People Live (2005)

Set List

Our sets can be as long (or short) as you need it to be - though for a good sampling we recommend a 45min set.

Crying in my Head
Last Night
Why Shouldn't He Want Her
Faded Girl
Procrastination Song
Set me free
Moonlight Sonata Song
Finally Past You
War Song

Natural Woman (Carole King)
What I Got (Sublime)
Zombie (Cranberries)
Summertime (Gershwin)
... and many more - anything you request!