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"delta based rock band, disposable faces, releases debut cd"

Cleveland, Mississippi - Disposable Faces, a Cleveland, MS southern alternative rock band, announces the release of their debut album, "Realize I'm Alive". While the Mississippi Delta is often celebrated as the birth place of the blues, overlooked in the Delta has been the region's budding rock music scene that has had a steady climb during the past ten years. This blues notion may soon change as the popularity of the Delta's rock scene is becoming more recognized by the media beyond the Delta. Onle rock band that offers great promise is the Cleveland based, Disposable Faces. Begun in May of 2006, Disposable Faces was started by Elliot Meador, guitar; Justin Huerta, drums; and guitarist, singer, Will Griffith. 'Justin and I were memebers of another band that had just broken up," says Meador who by day is a student teacher. "We heard that Will was a singer/songwriter, so we met with him and asked if he would be interested in starting a band." Huerta is also know as the creator of the annual rock music festival the "Other Fest". Entitled, "Realize I'm Alive", the album was recorded in Oxford at Tweed and Taproot Studios. Produced by Brian Ware, the cd contains nine songs and according to Huerta the band's music is hard to describe. "I'd say that we could be considered southern alternative rock in the spirit of the well know southern bands, Drive By Truckers and Lucero," says Huerta. "However, at the same time, we combine so many things in our music that really our sound is a new sound, and to me, very unique," says Huerta. "A lot of people have gone so far as to compare us to the rock band, Nirvana," says Meador. The process of recording and mixing the record took one year. "We are very happy with the results and we look forward to promoting it all over the Delta and the southeast." Copies fo the album can be pruchased at the Warehouse in Cleveland or by emailing the band at disposablefaces@hotmail.com. You can also visit them at myspace-myspace.com/disposablefaces. - press release


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Disposable Faces officially started in May of 2006. The band formed when Elliot (guitar) and Justin's(drums) band split. Still wanting to play music and in need of a singer they called a local musician and bar fly, Will. The first day they met, Will showed up barefoot and shirtless. They played for several hours that day and played alot of Will's original songs. During their first summer together they practiced at a shop in the country Will coined the "six pack". During this time they would invite the after bar crowds to listen to new songs and play their infamous "drinking wheel". Building a small fan base through the six pack they finally decided to book a real show. Their first ever show was in the legendary city of Rosedale, MS. Two shows later they played to a packed house at historic juke joint Po' Monkeys. Now a more seasoned band having played over 70 shows not including all the after bar jams they went into the studio in late May to record their debut album "Realize I'm Alive". All three musicians come from different musical backgrounds, Justin a novice hardhitting drummer with noticable influences of Dave Grohl and Queens of the Stone Age, adds his moveable rythm stamp to the faces songs. Elliot, a blues base rock influenced guitarist, aware of vast guitar textures easily married to simple folk, written lyrics and feel adds the technique to the band. Will, a songwriter's songwriter, voice that narrates nightmares, a heart that says what everyone thinks, Pink Floyd's lightman, brings his heart and soul to the faces songs. Combined these friends in music make up the faces unique sound. Disposable faces are influence by Bob Dylan, Wilco, Nirvana, White Stripes, Jimi Hendrix, and Queens of the Stone Age. They are prided in song writing and heavy, and subtle unpredictability.