Disposable Thumbs

Disposable Thumbs


Guitar-Driven Laptop Rock


Disposable Thumbs uses whirs, clicks, and choice guitar licks to craft catchy Laptop Rock songs. The project is headed by Zach Lewis, a slender young man who appreciates well-timed choreography. Lewis has spent the past two years turning heads with his one-man live show consisting of an electric guitar, a laptop, and a microphone.

Disposable Thumbs has just completed a Midwest/East Coast to promote the debut 6-song EP We Watched the Sun Go Supernova. Plans for a full-length album are underway with a tentative release date of February 2007.


Grey Is The Matter

Written By: Zach Lewis

i’ve got a damaged frontal lobe
i wonder if I’m dumber
my head is swollen like a globe
i’ll stay in doors this summer

this mind of mine is aching
and some would say diseased
they say grey is the matter

what happened to the fontanelle?
i guess it must have hardened
i’m suffocating in this shell
this is a private party

it doesn’t matter now
i’m sharpening my claws
the band-aids and the gauze
they do me no good

what shade of grey i’ve got to know
help me forget about it
or drill a hole right through my skull
i feel a little crowded

Soap Lady

Written By: Zach Lewis

act like a lady
clean up this town
or rue the day
they pulled you up from underground

and send me letters
sealed with grave wax
bodies and headers
all with perfect syntax

this interaction disintegrates
that plastic casket
doesn't make your hair look so great

so wash my mouth out
these dirty words
pull all the stops out
move you to the suburbs

but, keep it clean

bury me damply
somewhere nearby
and maybe one day I'll saponify

Girl On Fire

Written By: Zach Lewis

yeah, she’s so hip she doused herself in kerosene
and with a bang exploded on the fashion scene

and every second she’s on tv
she keeps giving me the third degree
unexpendable trend
she’s breaking all the rules
then it goes like this...

all hail the girl on fire
i’ll be true to you

and it’s so hard to find the flame-retardant clothes
and she leaves carbon traces everywhere she goes

bewitching scent of burning flesh
I hope she never extinguishes
what a rad fad
she’s so hot, she’s cool
we’re gonna burn, too


Six Song EP - We Watched the Sun Go Supernova (2006 Freeze Tag Music)

Set List

Brand New Axe to Grind
Girl on Fire
Grey Is The Matter
Bloody Murder
Heavens to Betsy
Le Rock
Faux Fur Coat
Kindest Kind of Thief
Some Kinda Hate (Misfits)
The Fracture Compounded
Soap Lady
Welcome to Guyana

Approximately 45 minutes